1. Who is a translator?

Translator is a person whose job is to translate languages in the form of a written communication.

2. How many languages do you know?

Mention only those language in which you are completely confident.

3. What resources do you use for translations?

Tell them that you use CAT (Computer assisted translation) for eg. Google Translate and you also refer dictionaries for a better vocabulary content.

4. What salary do you expect as Translator?

Do some research about how much other people in the same profession are paid and then put some numbers which are reasonable from the starter's point of you.

5. Is this opportunity a good fit for you?

It would be a great opportunity to jumpstart my career as an interpreter.

6. Who is an interpreter?

Interpreter is a person whose job is to translate languages in the form of a spoken communication.

7. What interpreting experience do you have?

I worked as a medical interpreter on weekends and evening. Normally helping with Labors and patients on need of rehabilitation.

8. What languages are you fluent in?

Spanish english american sign language.

9. What is so special about being an interpreter?

Being the facilitator of language and communication is a crucial role no matter what the information or content might be.

10. How long have you been an interpreter?

I have been working as an interpreter since April 2014

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