1. What is Capstone?

It is known as "Corner Stone" It is the Jesus Christ.
He is “ the stone you builders rejected, which has become
the capstone.” Acts 4:11 (NIV)
History also refers this! B.C. & A.D. are cutting around
HIM, showing HIM as the Capstone. There are plenty to tell....no End.

2. What is Clipper?

Clipper is a compiler that was well known at the time of
80's and early times of 90's. We can build DOS based
applications (even large applications too) using clipper.
There is no seperate Database required to use
with clipper. It itself is having capacity to maintain data
in the form of tables and we can use it to write coding also.

3. What is quantum computing?

In quantum computing, we use the concept of qubits,
superposition and coherence. A normal bit can be in only
two states - 0 and 1. But a qubit it can be in 0, 1, or in
the superposition of 0 and 1.

Quantum computers, will be much much faster than
traditional silicon based compuers.

4. What is quantum cryptography?

The science of cryptography has existed in one form or
another for centuries.
Cryptography is the art of encoding and decoding messages
for transmission between two
parties, while keeping the message secret from unwanted
viewers. There are many common
implementations of cryptography in use today such as the
HTTPS protocol on the Internet. All
forms of data encryption and cryptography require a key in
some form or another for use in
encoding and decoding data. There are even some modern
methods of encryption that have been
mathematically proven to be unbreakable if they are
implemented properly.
The inherent problem with any form of cryptography is in
the method of key distribution.
To date, all forms of message encryption have possessed
this major vulnerability. As such, it
makes no difference whether a secret message is sent via
homing pigeon, a radio transmission, a
penciled message on a notepad, or whispering to another,
there is no physical way to get a
cryptographic key to another without running the risk of
the key being intercepted.
To solve this dilemma, a radical solution has been proposed
called quantum
cryptography. This method essentially uses photon light
particles to send a key to an intended
recipient. The difference with this method of key
distribution is that it implements quantum
mechanic's uncertainty principle as a means to guarantee
the privacy of a key during
distribution. Practically, quantum cryptography has the
ability to afford complete privacy during
the entire broadcast of an encoded message.

5. What are biometric techniques?

those are technics like
face detection
Iris recognition
fingerprint recognition
palm vien recognition.
All these can be used for Authentication

6. What is tamper-resistant hardware?

Ensuring that various cryptographic keys are provided by
their intended users, and only for their intended purposes,
temper resistent hardware is introduced.

An example temper resistent device is your "SMART CARD".

You have to physically posess the device and also have to
possess the PIN or the password to use it.

7. Can we do the project in ENCRYPTION AND DECRYPTION as a operating system project? If yes how can we use the concepts?

Yes we can. All the information will be stored in encrypted
form in memory. During fetching, it must be first decrypted
by operating system and then can be read.

8. (1/10)18 - (1/10)20 = ?

If it's the Same Question:
Step 1. (0.1)/18-()/20
Step 2. (0.1)((1/18)-(1/20))
Step 3. 0.1 (10-9)/180 -----------> LCM of 18 & 20 = 180
Step 4. 0.1/180
Step 5. 1/1800 is the Answer
Approx = 0.000557

9. Pipe A can fill in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 mins and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 mins.If all of them work together, find the time
taken to fill the tank?

a fill - 1/20 per minute
b fill - 1/30 per minute
c can empty - 1/40 per minute

Suppose this take x minute

1 x +1x - 1x
--- -- ---- =1
20 30 40

Solve this x=17(approximately)

10. How to Find the XP Lost Password?

Forgot XP Password
The other day I got a call from a friend who had managed to
remember his administrator password to his Windows XP

My heart sank as I told him it is almost impossible to
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Forgotten XP Password...

As I stared at my mates computer and asked if he had ever
made a Password Reset Disc I already knew what he was going
to say...

This situation reminded me of asking many friends for their
latest data backup CD/DVD when their computer crashed and
need a rebuild - they NEVER have one!!!

...well a quick check on Google and I found a great service
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This site provides a tool to recover lost Windows XP
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