1. Bank Teller interview questions:

► What characterize a good teller from your point of view?
► Give an example of you dealing with an irate customer and what you did to fix the problem?
► Give an example of a time you made a point to go above and beyond with customer service.
► What would you do if you saw a fellow employee take $100 that belonged to the bank?
► What banking products do you personally use and why?
► This job can be repetitive. What would motivate you to do it well every day?
► Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
► What are your salary expectations?

2. Tell me what does the bank gain by hiring you?

Speak about the positive attributes you have. Use terms such as loyal, scrupulous, detail, oriented, professional, discreet, etc. Mention as well, your familiarity with calculators, computers, tracking figures, and ability to perform basic mathematical computations, all skills that are quite important for one to excel in the role of bank teller.

3. Explain some of the aspects that you do not like about the job?

Use the sandwich method. Although you must answer the question, no need to get enthusiastic about what you do not like. Rather start with something positive, related to your issue if possible, and close on an upbeat note. Be factual, but brief when describing your dislikes. If appropriate, express the idea that it is relatively minor and just part of life. In short, try to be as positive as possible about the aspects that you are not comfortable with when answering this question.

4. Explain some of the aspects that you like about the job?

Briefly outline your favorite aspects of the job; perhaps share an incident, in abbreviated fashion. Sound sincere - if you overdo it, the interviewer will get the impression that you are appeasing him or her for the job.

5. What are successful sales experience you have?

We sell our thought and ideas to partners, colleagues, friends. Not only bank teller job, but our entire life is about selling! Professional sales is yet another category, but when one is good in selling his own ideas, he's typically good in selling products too.

6. Have you ever worked before in any bank?

Well, if it is your case, all to mention is the place and the job and maybe add a description of some of your principal duties and/or achievements.
However, what to do if it is your first experience with working at a bank? Well, you should definitely be honest.

7. What you know about our bank?

This is the most a popular bank in the country, in terms of number of clients. It is widely recognized for its leading online banking services, top notch customer service and friendly tellers. I hope to become one of these tellers.

8. Tell me your strengths?

► Communication skills
► Ability to uncover the needs and desires of a client
► Good sales skills
► Responsibility
► Good organization skills
► High motivation for work
► True understanding of the job and what is expected of you

9. Explain your weaknesses?

I tend to be over-friendly with clients. However, I try to get rid of this weakness and be professional in my work. It's improving.
I have a tendency to be impatient. I always try to close the deal and work as fast as possible, what is not always the best option. However, I work on my patience and at the moment am much more patient as I was five years ago.

10. How you convince the customer?

First of all, I would try to create a good friendly relationship with him. Sales are all about relations. Once I gain his trust, it will be easier to sell him our products.

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