1. Tell me as a branch manager, what is your management style?

In my experience delegating responsibility and authority is crucial. A team needs to be able to develop and grow as individuals and a whole, not be held back by low expectations or ego.

2. Tell me what is the most challenging about your job?

For me the most challenging thing would be to move up in the bank. Basically, it's challenging trying to prove that I can do more than what I'm doing now. I kind of feel like I'm underused.

3. Tell me how do you make money or how are you compensated?

I'm salary-based. We don't get commission and recently after I was promoted to assistant manager I got a raise. And then at my yearly review I got a booster raise which is basically a standard raise for employees.

4. Explain about the steps you took to establish rapport with a new staff member?

In your interview answer demonstrate how you communicate information effectively to an individual or group, adjusting your approach according to the situation. Include your ability to see the other person's perspective, to listen properly and establish a constructive relationship.

5. Explain me what is most rewarding about what you do?

I love my customers and they come to see me so I've built good relationships with customers at the bank. And again I've enjoyed everybody I've worked with.

6. Why do you want this job as Branch Manager?

Again, companies want to hire people who are passionate about the job, so you should have a great answer about why you want the position. (And if you don't? You probably should apply elsewhere.)
First, identify a couple of key factors that make the role a great fit for you (e.g., “I love customer support because I love the constant human interaction and the satisfaction that comes from helping someone solve a problem”), then share why you love the company (e.g., “I've always been passionate about education, and I think you guys are doing great things, so I want to be a part of it”).

7. What education or skills are needed for your job as Branch Manager?

A high school education. The only thing you really need to be is a good people person and be able to understand that the customer is never wrong. You need to be good at resolving conflicts and coming up with ways to make the customer happy. You need to go out of your way to help accommodate their needs. You also need to be computer savvy and know Excel templates for monthly auditing and those kinds of things.

8. Tell Me How Do You Keep Staff Members Motivated?

Management job interview questions about motivating staff or delegating tasks are common in management interviews. When you answer them you should focus on communication and team building, “I do my best to show recognition and acknowledgement to all employees that meet goals, which keeps morale high and employees on task. Also, when applicable, I keep tasks interdependent within the team, so that staff members require and encourage fellow staff members to complete their work.”

9. Tell me how did you get started at your job as Branch Manager?

Well I first graduated from college and I had a few interviews with other companies and the bank just offered me the job. I first started out as a teller and then got involved in the manager training program and then I was promoted to assistant branch manager.

10. Tell Me What is Your Biggest Management Weakness?

For all job interview questions, it is important to stay away from any true weaknesses or shortcomings. Yet with management questions, it is acceptable to offer a minute amount of humility with your own abilities to provide a believable answer. An effective answer to these types of interview questions is, “Sometimes in the heat of a deadline, I have found that I have overlooked great work by a staff member. I am working on making sure everyone I work with gets their deserved recognition for successful completion of their tasks, because it is important that every individual staff member be recognized for their contributions toward building the company's success.”

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