1. Can you explain What does aldb_server do?

The albd server handles a varienty of tasks.

when a cleint program wants access a service ( avob or view
serverfor example)on cleracase host,it uses a remote
procedure call to send a request to the albd server on that
host. the albd server starts the requested services if it
is not already started. then isssues a responce telling the
client the service's port number. thereafetr the client
communicates directly with the specific service, without
invoving the albd_server.

responding to requests for registry information on rational
cleracase registry on server host.

responding to requests for licenses information on a
rational cleracase license server hpst.

2. Do you know how to start the albd_server in windows if it is stopped?

We can use below commands in command promt.
c:>>>> net start albd.

and another way is
Click Start > Control Panel
Double-click > Administrative Tools folder
Double-click >the Services icon
Double-click >Atria Location Broker service
and start albd.

one more is in conrol panel.there u can see the clearcase
icon and double click on that icon.
click on services start up.
there u can see the albd status if albd service is stop
start albd service.

3. Explain Where do you specify the license host details when you setup the Clearcase for the first time?

In linux edit the file license_host /var/adm/atria/config
from the follwing location and then add the license host
name and in windows select the clearcase from contol panel
by switching to classic view then in the licnesing tab you
will find the the radio button use clearcase license server
host select it and specify the license host name.

4. Explain how to list all the cos by a user in different vobs through a single command?

ct lsco -me
this gives all checkedout files by a user
ct lsco -avobs -cview -me
List all files checked out to all views by a user

5. What are version control tools? How are they use full can any body name few version control tools?

Version control : versioning is the making of copies of data
at some meaningful point in order to return to that point at
a later date, if necessary.

In Software feild so many version control tool are there

SCM tool
VSS tool
cvs tool
pvcs tool

Rational clearcase proides tool support versions all types
file and directories in source repositry .
software feild best version tool is clearcase it support
version control,merging,compare version of software
resource,parallel development...

Version control tools help multiple users to make
simultaneous changes to a collection of documents/files,
without clobbering each others' work or resulting in version

6. Tell me any 5 best SCM practices?

Some of them are :

Organize versioned artifacts into versioned components.

Organize versioned components and subsystems into versioned

Create baselines at project milestones.

Record and track requests for change.

Organize and integrate consistent sets of versions using

Maintain stable and consistent workspaces.

7. Explain Different file systems in LIUNX OS?

There r two types of files in UNix

as Test and Binary file.

In broad manner Text file is also three types ;

Normal text file
System text file
Device text file