1. Tell us how do you define a community?

This question is not as literal as it seems (hint: don't study take the definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary) interviewers are looking to understand your unique take on the concept of community.

2. Do you know how many hours does a Community Manager work?

This will tell you whether your candidate truly understands the reality of managing online communities. Technically, unless you close your branded community at set hours, life goes on 24/7 online so candidates need to appreciate they may be on call when needed. If they say 9-5, say thank you and goodbye.

3. Tell me how did you get that awesome job?

Through blogger relations. At my previous position, part of my job was building relationships with bloggers, and that's how I met Gani. We became friends, and the rest is history. But I do have to thank Heidi Sullivan (SVP at Cision) for pushing me into social media and marketing in the first place!

4. Please explain how do you define an online community?

Right off the bat, this question can stump many candidates. I've heard a lot of vague answers about social media platforms that veer off on an incoherent tangent until they fall off a cliff. Keep it straightforward by giving a simple definition that explains what an online community is: a group of people who share a common goal, cause, or interest and gather together to collaborate and discuss via the internet.

5. Explain me what do you see as the point of social media for businesses today?

The ideal candidate will recognize that a business can have multiple objectives for their social media efforts, and hopefully name one or two that happen to be your business's goals.

6. Tell me what do you think makes a strong community?

There is no right answer to this question. It's truly based on your own opinion and past experiences. Use this as an opportunity to once again show the interviewer your passion and knowledge of community development.

7. Explain how are your presentation skills? How do you prepare for presentations?

Very good. I gather and research the topic on what the presentation is regarding before putting the presentation together.

8. Explain me what do you know about our development? Our community?

Established in 1989, we are a premier condominium lakefront community in the heart of the Ozarks, located on beautiful Table Rock Lake. Our community consists of 172 two bedroom condominiums and two to four bedroom patio homes. Our property owners are full and part-time residents with full ownership (no weekly or overnight rentals).

9. Tell me how do you deal with trolls?

It depends on the situation. In general, I try to respond quickly. If they keep on behaving like a troll, I ignore them, and, if necessary, I'll block them. You can only do so much to appease people.

10. Tell me what are your strengths as Community Manager?

While this question is an invitation to do some chest pounding, remember to illustrate strengths that will benefit the employer and are relative to the position. For example:

☛ being a problem solver
☛ being a motivator
☛ being a natural leader
☛ the ability to perform under pressure
☛ a positive attitude
☛ loyalty

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