1. Explain what is jQuery UI?

jQuery UI is a JavaScript library that provides abstractions for low-level interaction and animation, advanced effects and high-level, themeable widgets, built on top of the jQuery JavaScript library, that can be used to build interactive web applications. It was released in September 2007, announced in a blog post by John Resig on jquery.com. The latest release, 1.10.4, requires jQuery 1.6 or later.

2. Can we submit a form by ajax using Jquery?

Please follow below code to submit a form by ajax using jquery

$('#formid).submit(function() {
type: "POST",
url: "back.php",
data: "name=php&location=india",
success: function(msg) {
alert( "Data Saved: " + msg );

Where formid is the form ID."POST" is the method by which you want to send data.You can also use "GET" method."back.php" is the php file which you want to call."name=php&location=india" This is values of control. success: function(msg){ alert ("Data Saved: " + msg); } This is a success function, This will execute after success of you post.Often in Ajax back.php does not refresh because this is cached by browser. To avoid this issue add [cache: false,] in above code.Loads data synchronously. Blocks the browser while the requests is active. It is better to block user interaction by other means when synchronization is necessary.

To avoid this issue add [async: false,] in above code.

3. Can you combine Jquery combined with other libraries?

Jquery combined with other java script libraries like prototype, mootools that time Jquery coding will be conflict with other libraries.
So that time use this command for non -conflict jquery with other java script libraries.

4. Name some of methods of JQuery used to provide effects?

Some of the common methods are:
1. Show()
2. Hide()
3. Toggle()
4. FadeIn()
5. FadeOut()

5. What are different type of selectors in Jquery?

There are 3 types of selectors in Jquery
1. CSS Selector
2. XPath Selector
3. Custom Selector

6. Explain JQuery UI?

JQuery UI is a library which is built on top of JQuery library. JQuery UI comes with cool widgets, effects and interaction mechanism.

7. Which features of JQuery or what can be done using JQuery?

Features of Jquery:
1. One can easily provide effects and can do animations.
2. Applying / Changing CSS.
3. Cool plugins.
4. Ajax support
5. DOM selection events
6. Event Handling

8. What are steps you need to follow to use jQuery in ASP.Net project?

It's really simple. One just need to add reference of javascript file(.js). Go to Jquery.com and download the latest version of jQuery. When download is completed, there is a "jQuery-1.3.2.js" in the folder. Include this file and you good to go now for JQuery.

9. How body onload() function is different from document.ready() function used in jQuery?

Document.ready() function is different from body onload() function because off 2 reasons.
1. We can have more than one document.ready() function in a page where we can have only one onload function.

2. Document.ready() function is called as soon as DOM is loaded where body.onload() function is called when everything gets loaded on the page that includes DOM, images and all associated resources of the page.

10. Explain dollar Sign ($) means in JQuery?

Dollar Sign is nothing but it's an alias for JQuery. Take a look at below jQuery code
Over here $ sign can be replaced with "jQuery " keyword.

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