2. How jcd connects with the database?

JCD can be connected through database adapters - like DB2,ORACLE or MYSQL with connection details.

4. What is a Logical Host?

An instance of the eGate runtime Environment that is
installed on a machine. A Logical
Host contains the software and other installed components
that are required at runtime,
such as application and message servers.

5. What is a Repository?

Stores and manages the setup, component, and configuration
information for eGate
Projects. The Repository also provides monitoring services
for Projects, which include
version control and impact analysis.

6. What is an Enterprise Manager?

The Sun SeeBeyond Enterprise Manager is a Web-based
interface that allows you to monitor and manage
your Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite
applications. The Enterprise Manager requires
an eWay specific “plug-in” for each of your installed

These plug-ins enable the Enterprise Manager to target
specific alert codes for each eWay type,
as well as to start and stop the inbound eWays.

The Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite
Installation Guide describes how to
install the Sun SeeBeyond Enterprise Manager. The Sun
SeeBeyond eGate™ Integrator System Administration Guide
describes how to monitor servers, Services, logs, and
alerts using the Sun SeeBeyond Enterprise Manager
and the command-line client.

7. What is an Enterprise Designer?

The Enterprise Designer is the graphical user interface
(GUI) used to design and implement Sun Java Composite
Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) projects.

8. What is Deployment Profile?

Deployment profiles define how specific instances of a
Project are deployed to a particular Environment. A
deployment profile contains information about the
assignment of services and message destinations to
integration and message servers. It also contains version
information for all relevant objects in the Project.

9. What is an Environment?

A collection of physical resources and their configurations
that are used to host eGateIntegrator project components.An
Environment contains Logical Hosts and external systems

10. What are the ways you can trigger a process?

1. Webservice
2. JMS
3. File e-Way
4. Batch e-way
5. Http e-way
6. Oracle inbound and so on
there are so many ways to trigger a process.

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