1. Explain what is indices in MAP flow step?

In MAP Step Indices Is When You Have Array of data if you want to MAP One of the element in Array to the target Element then you can Use the indices

2. Explain IS is thread or process?

A single process might contains multiple threads; all
threads within a process share the same state and same
memory space, and can communicate with each other directly,
because they share the same variables. By this IS is a process.

3. How You Can Delete Session Logs On IS?

Go to Installationfolder/IntegrationServer/logs/
Here you will find logs in the name WMSESSION_.log
Delete this log files.

4. Explain What are the new features in 8.0 compared to 7.1?

My webmethods
webMethods ApplinX
webMethods Business Events
webMethods Business Rules
webMethods communicate
webMethods Cntent Service Platform
webMethods Meadiator
webMethods OneData
webMethods ProcessEngine
webMethods designer

5. If i dont want to repeat then what i need to do?

put exit step in repeat loop whenever you want to exit from repeat

7. What are extended settings?

extended settings are basically done for specifying values
to some of the internal keys of Integration server.
Like we can specify java compiler at this setting and
whenever we compile any java service IS will take this
compiler only for compiling the java code.

8. If i have a parent sequence with the property set- exit on success, n the try sequence block set to exit on failure, n the catch sequence block too set to failure, what is the result?

In this case if any step in try block fails it will exit
that and come to catch block and if any step in catch block
fails it will exit from the catch block and skip rest of
the flow steps.

9. What are client groups?

client groups contains a list of clients and it configures
which all documents its client could publish and subscribe to.

10. How to convert document list to document?
If document list contain documents and documents contain strings field. How to convert?

Directly invoke the service
pub.document:documentListToDocument to convert document
list into document.

This service is the buit in services and its availble in
wMpublic package in developer.

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