1. What is Simulation?

- An imitation from real is known as simulation.

- The participating systems may be abstract or physical.

- A specific modeling can well be supported by simulation.

- By simulation, acquiring and getting information is simple and quick.

2. Do you know some compression technique used by GIF image format?

GIF images use the following compression techniques:

- Lossless Compression: Statistical redundancy is exploited for representing data in more concise manner.

- Real-world data consists of statistical redundancy.

- Lampel-Ziv Compression: One of the most popular algorithms.

- Compression process is slow.

- It implements table-based compression, in which the table entries are substituted to repeat the strings of data.

- The table is encoded using Huffman encoding.

3. What is an animation?

- Animation is referred to rapid display of a set of 2D images in a sequence.

- It creates an illusion of movement of objects / displays.

- Most common animation method is a motion picture.

- Full animation is referred to producing high quality motion pictures.

- Limited animation involves less stylized drawings and methods.

4. Explain what is Ambient occlusion?

- Ambient Occlusion is related to bright the light to shine on specific surfaces.

- AO is based on the environment of the surface.

- The calculation is done by casting rays in each and every direction from the surface.

- The brightness is increased on the surface by focusing the rays from the background.

- Points with little geometry will appear light on the visible hemisphere.

5. Tell me about Beneton Movie GIF that creates animated images?

- Beneton Movie GIF allows to create GIF images for greeting cards.

- BM GIF animation maker is full featured software that is simple to use and create GIF images.

- Any image file can be taken as an input file and can be converted to 48 animated file formats.

- Among all, GIF format file creation is well suited for presentations.

6. Tell me what is Graphic Interchange Format?

- GIF is a format of bitmap image.

- It supports maximum of 8 BPP.

- It allows a single image to be referenced as a palette.

- Each palette has up to 256 colors to choose from.

- The RGB color space is about 24 bits.

7. Can you explain how to optimize an animated GIF?

- Using fewer colors allows reducing the file size.

- Limiting colors and using similar colors from frame to frame.

- To decrease the file size, one more method is to cut down the pixel dimensions.

- The number of frames should be the exact number for the specified animation.

- Identify the file reduction feature in the software that creates GIF image files.

- Implement dithering. Dithering reduces the banding. The image appears smoother by eliminating colors.

8. Please compare PNG and GIF?

GIF Format:

- LZW compression standards are used in GIF images.

- Traces the colors of the image and reduces the size of the file.

- Best suited for simple animated graphics on the web.

PNG Format:

- PNG(Portable Network Graphics) is a graphic file format for lossless compression.

- It is suitable for raster images storage.

- Indexed-color, grayscale and true color images are supported in PNG format.

- Supports cross platform image brightness and color correction.

9. Please differentiate between Animation and Video?


- Animation involves drawing of sketches of objects.

- These objects are placed in various frames, so that it illustrates as if the objects are moving.

- Animation is created by drawing series of illustrations in different angles.

- Animation creation is difficult compared to creating a video.


- Videos are made by using video cameras.

- The real movements of objects are captured by shooting the videos.

- Manual intervention is not necessary to shoot.

10. Explain what is Persistence of Vision?

- A phenomenon of the eye.

- By this an after image is persisted approximately 1/20th of a second on the retina.

- Human perception of motion is the end result of vision persistency.

- Visual form of memory that is referred as Iconic Memory is the cause of Persistence of Vision.

- The persistence of vision has two distinct illusions - 1. Phi Phenomenon and 2. Beta Movement.

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