1. How to entering Sindhi text in InPage?

To enter text in Sindhi you need to first check whether Sindhi entry is enabled or not. This you can do by checking the Keyboard Preferences menu item in the Preferences menu in edit menu. There is a check box called Enable Sindhi.
This check box should be checked on for enabling Sindhi entry. Now when you toggle the language either by pressing Control-Space or by selecting the Toggle Language menu item. For Sindhi you have a standard Sindhi keyboard and only one font is chosen by default.

2. How to entering English text in InPage?

To key text inside a text box, you first need to be in Text Editing Mode. The Text Editing Mode is identified by a blinking cursor in a text box. To enter into a Text Editing Mode, first choose the IBEAM Tool from the Tool Bar. Now with the cursor appearing as a dotted IBEAM click on top of an intended text box. The outer boundary of the text box will become black and a caret will start blinking. The blinking caret signifies the position in the text box where the text gets entered if you press any key. As you enter text, the caret moves to a new position.
If the text entered is more than the available space in the text box, then an overflow line is displayed at the bottom of the text box. This line signifies that the text has overflowed the text box.
You should now undertake one of the following measures:
★ Increase the size of the text box
★ Remove extra text
★ Link this text box with a new text box so as to let the overflowed text flow into the new text box.

3. How to selecting a line pattern in InPage?

You can choose the kind of line patterns desired from the Line Pattern combo box. The patterns that you can select are:
★ Solid
★ Dotted
★ Dashed
★ Dash Dotted
★ Double
★ Thick Thin
★ Thin Thick

4. How to creating a Square/Circular Graphic box in InPage?

If you keep the SHIFT pressed while creating the graphic box, then a graphic box is constructed with its height and width as equal. For the rectangular and rounded rectangular graphic box, this implies a square graphic box. In the case of the Elliptical Graphic Box, you get a circular graphic box.

5. How to use picture inset button in InPage?

You can inset the picture along left, right, top and bottom directions so that the picture now appears in smaller bounds. This is particularly useful for picture box with border Box.

6. How to use run around button in InPage?

Whenever this picture box overlaps a Text box with text, then the text tends to flow away from this picture box. The amount by which the text flows can be specified by clicking this button. In the displayed dialog, enter the Run Around values in all the four directions. If Run Around is to be disabled click on the Run Around check box in the dialog to mark the check box off. On entering the required values, click OK button.

7. How to make picture box border in InPage?

Just as in Text box, a picture Box can be given a border. For this you need to specify the width of the border in points in the ribbon and also the color by selecting the border color. Just as in Text box, the border Box can be Boxed inside or outside by selecting the appropriate icons from the ribbon. Default is Box Inside.

8. How to Moving/Resizing the picture box in InPage?

Moving and resizing of picture box works exactly as that of a Text box. You need to select the picture box first. Now the picture box can be moved either by entering the new Origin values. Or with the help of a mouse by first clicking on the picture box (with the Arrow Tool) and while keeping the mouse pressed, moving the mouse.
Similarly the picture box can be resized by either entering the new height and width values in the ribbon or moving the mouse on top of the picture box handles and when the resize cursor appears pressing the mouse and dragging with the mouse pressed until the requisite dimensions have been achieved.

9. How to importing pictures in InPage?

You can crop the imported picture by pressing the mouse with the hand cursor and while keeping the mouse pressed, dragging the mouse so as to move the picture within the picture box. On releasing the mouse, the final position of the picture inside the picture box is established. Rest of it is cropped and is not visible.

10. How to use Title Text box in InPage?

★ Creation
During Creation, the height is assumed to be height of one line of text. Thus as a Title Box is constructed it gets a default height.
★ Line Direction within a Title Text box
During Creation, if you move the mouse horizontally then the box is made with Line Direction set to Horizontal.
★ Selection and Resizing
There are only two handles for resizing the Title Text box. And these handles resize the Title Text box only horizontally.
★ Columns
Title Text boxes are always single column. You cannot change number of columns for Title Text box. Other attributes of the Text box apply as such to the Title Text box.

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