1. Types of IELTS Listening Test!

The following types of question may appear on the test:

multiple choice
short-answer questions
sentence completion
notes/summary/diagram/flow chart/table completion
labelling a diagram which has numbered parts

2. IELTS Listening Test Section Four!

The final part is another monologue. It is a lecture or talk of general academic interest such as a university lecture.

3. IELTS Listening Test Section Three!

Section three is a conversation between up to four people. For example - a conversation between a tutor and a student about an assignment or between three students planning a research project.

4. IELTS Listening Test Section Two!

The second section is a monologue (a speech by one person). It will be set in an everyday social context. For example - a speech about student services on a University campus or arrangements for meals during a conference.

5. IELTS Listening Test Section One!

In the first section there is a conversation between two speakers. For example - a conversation about travel arrangements, booking accommodation, or decisions on a night out.