1. Explain what is Cold calling?

Cold calling is the process in which customers are called for business interaction who have not been expecting so.

2. Explain what is Spamming?

Random bulk messages used for telemarketing purposes are called spam and the process is termed as spamming

3. Tell me how do you deal with rejection?

As the people primarily responsible for cold calling and emailing, SDRs deal with an awful lot of rejection. If the candidate admits they get flustered or frustrated after an extended period of rejection, they're probably not cut out for the job. "Fall down seven times, stand up eight" is the mantra of the best SDRs.

4. Explain what sales experience do you have?

I have experience in sales as a waitress and bartender, where I had to promote specific products and competed for the most sales of a specific appetizer/entrée/dessert/etc.

5. Suppose I am a prospect. Describe our product or service to me?

This question will not only reveal the amount of research the candidate did before the interview (which bodes well for their prospect researching skills), it also gives the hiring manager a chance to evaluate their ability to speak clearly and persuasively.

6. When can you join as Insurance Cold Calling Exactive?

If you are currently working, let the interviewer know and inform him that you will be resigning from there which may need you to serve the notice period.

☛ If you promise to inform them the next day, do so. Do not delay.

☛ Do not commit to join the next working day just to leave an impression when you have some chores left to be attended which will delay the process.

☛ Be honest and straight as most of the firms are familiar with the procedure of resignation and will grant the time to join them when you have been relieved from your duty from your last working place.

7. Tell me what are the disclosures required in telemarketing?

There are a few disclosures which are must before a person engages in telemarketing. Listed below are a list of things that need to be disclosed.

1. Disclosure of identity on behalf of which the call is made at the starting of the call in a polite and fair manner.
2. There should be a proper description of the product or business being put forward.
3. The price and terms and conditions related to the product should be made very clear.
4. Any other information related to the product prescribed should be conveyed.

8. Tell me what's the last thing you learned that you thought was really interesting?

A sense of curiosity is necessary in sales development. SDRs have to ask insightful questions to get to the heart of prospects' problems, and investigate their current environments. People with natural curiosity won't have a problem enthusiastically sharing something they learned with you. But if the candidate struggles to come up with an example, it might be a red flag.

9. Tell me what are good telephone etiquettes?

When attending a client or customer on phone some basic telephone etiquettes should be followed. Following are telephone etiquettes that should be followed by a tele caller:

1. Be quick in answering the phone.
2. Always make sure that the customer is greeted well.
3. When putting a line on hold take permission prior to it from the customer on the other end.
4. When transferring a call make sure you do it the right way and make it polite.
5. At the end of a call make sure that the customer is satisfied and does not have any query or doubt in mind.

10. Tell me do you think unwanted marketing should be a crime?

Unwanted marketing is a crime by the law but one can opt out of it by filing a petition or a request in court. Only some firms are exempted from this law. To avoid unwanted marketing one can file a request in the court to be in the list of numbers which are not to be called by telemarketing firms. I personally think that one should not barge into somebody's private space causing any form of inconvenience to the end user. Telemarketing should be handled more responsibly to avoid such situations and maintain standards of marketing and not degrade them.

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