1. Tell me are you comfortable making cold calls here?

Yes, I am aware that making cold calls is part of the job and I am comfortable with that.

2. Tell me what knowledge do you have in insurance?

Insurance is crucial to prepare yourself for when the unthinkable happens. Nothing is worse than getting into a car accident and then realizing you don't have full coverage. It's better to be prepared then to be stranded with no transportation and none of the financial support that you need.

3. Explain why do insurance companies spend so much on advertising?

Because when people decide to look into purchasing insurance or invest in a mutual fund they are most likely to look into the companies whose names first pop into their head and they have heard good things about. Advertising might be the most crucial part when it comes to selling insurance.

4. Tell us how do you think telemarketing can be made more effective?

To make telemarketing more efficient every call should be planned with an objective in mind. The opening statements made by the telecaller should be made interesting to grab interest. It is the contribution of each tele-caller that makes telemarketing successful and thus each tele-caller should be motivated enough to make a deal and be clear with his objective. The objection for tele callers in the sector are easy to crack and thus a response to each should be prepared in advance to cross the hurdle and make sale.

5. Tell me where would you research a prospect before you reach out?

Even if a candidate isn't well acquainted with your industry, they should still understand the power of social networks and search to familiarize themselves with the prospect's background. "What do you mean, research?" is probably an interview-ending answer.

6. Suppose If you had to teach a beginner an advanced concept, how would you approach the task?

After countless hours of product training, salespeople are intimately familiar with their wares. Prospects, on the other hand, have a comparatively cursory understanding of your product -- no matter how much independent research they've done. For this reason, it's important that SDRs are able to explain potentially tricky or confusing topics in clear and simple terms.

7. Explain me your life story in 90 seconds?

As Mark Twain once said, "I didn't have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead." Brevity is a talent, and it's one that prospects appreciate. This question reveals the candidate's ability to hit the critical points of a story in a short amount of time.

8. Explain the following terms?
► Cold Calling
► Spamming.
► Automatic dialer

1. Cold calling : Cold calling is the process in which customers are called for business interaction who have not been expecting so.

2. Spamming : Random bulk messages used for telemarketing purposes are called spam and the process is termed as spamming

3. Auto dialer : Telemarketing industries generally use an electronic device or a software to automatically dial phone numbers. These devices and softwares are called autodialers.

9. What is B2G?

B2G stands for business to government and is a derivative of B2B and is described as transaction between business and government in which a business entity supplies services or goods to a government sector or firm and can be stated as public sector marketing.

11. Suppose you just called a customer. What are the steps you will follow during the call?

When making a call to a customer the call should be directed in the following way:

1. Greet customer politely.
2. Introduce yourself to the customer.
3. Make clear the objective of the call
- Who are you calling?
- What are you calling for?
4. Give complete information of the product or business you are promoting.
5. Make the customer understand how the objective of the call can be beneficial for him/her.
6. Close the call with a warm end note.

12. Explain what is B2B?

B2B stands for business to business which describes commercial transactions between businesses such as between a web development firm and a reseller. Such transactions are big in volume and thus b2b is flourishing today the most.

13. Do you know what are the common telemarketing fraud?

Following are the common telemarketing fraud:

1. Charity purpose.
2. Asking for advance payment or fee.
3. Fraud by over capturing increased payments.
4. Bank related frauds.
5. Lottery
6. False representation of office supplies.
7. False verification calls.

14. Tell me why do you want to sell this product or service?

internal motivators such as autonomy, mastery, and purpose often trump external motivators like money or prestige. If the candidate has a personal reason for wanting to sell your product or service in particular, they'll likely approach their job with more passion and care.

15. Tell us do you enjoy being on the phone?

Phone prospecting is a huge part of any SDR's day.

I've had candidates tell me they're hesitant to be on the phone all the time, which is a huge red flag for me,

16. Tell me do you take pride in your work? Are you confident you can sell?

Yes, I enjoy helping people and want to go above and beyond to show my customers that they can trust my intentions and that I will do more than the next guy to get them what they are looking for.

17. Do you know what separates the best SDRs from average SDRs?

More activity doesn't always translates into better results. While solid performers work hard, the best SDRs work smart.

18. Explain how would you describe your attitude?

I have a positive attitude. With this position will come numerous failed attempts to make sales, but this is to be expected. I plan to look at each failed attempt as a learning opportunity to refine and improve my sales approach.

19. Tell me what do you think will be the most common objections you'll hear during a call? How would you handle them?

Anticipating and preparing for objections is the key to neutralizing them. If the candidate has already thought about the objections they'd field as an SDR before the interview, you can rest assured that they understand and live this rule.

20. Tell me do you enjoy talking to strangers?

Yes, I enjoy finding ways to relate and connect with new people.

21. How to Leave me a voicemail?

Short, personalized voicemails are the ideal. But if your candidate rambles on or stumbles a bit, no problem. Simply follow up with the next question.

22. Tell us how well are you familiar with homeowners insurance?

I have never worked with or purchased homeowners insurance in the past, but I am confident that after researching and studying the process of selling homeowners insurance, I will be comfortable explaining to my customers why they need homeowners insurance, and helping them find the policy that best fits their needs.

23. Explain could I give you some feedback? I would change X, Y, and Z. Now could you try again?

Coachability is critical for sales development reps. Observe how well the candidate incorporates your feedback into their second attempt. This will indicate their level of coachability, as well as demonstrate their listening skills.

24. Explain what is B2C?

B2C stands for business to consumer and describes transaction between business and consumer. It can be best explained by defining retail in which tangible goods are sold from stores or fixed location directly to the consumer.

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25. Tell us about a time you faced a challenge. How did you deal with it, and what motivated you to keep going?

Prospecting is tough. An SDR might make 10, 20, or 50 calls in a row with no answer. Where will they draw their inspiration to keep dialing? This question will expose the candidate's primary motivators.