1. Define the different security settings available in IIS?

Below are the commonly used IIS Security settings:
★ Anonymous
★ Integrated Windows Authentication
★ Digest Authentication
★ Passport Authentication
★ Basic Authentication
For Set security permission you need to go to Virtual Directory > Right Click > Properties > Directory Security
Click on Edit Button.

2. Describe the different types of identity available in IIS 6.0?

IIS having three different Identity:
★ Local System
★ Local Services
★ NetworkServices

3. Describe the role of Http.Sys in IIS?

HTTP.SYS is the kernel level components of IIS. All client request comes from client hit the HTTP.Sys of Kernel level. HTTP.SYS then makes a queue for each and every request for each and individual application pool based on the request.
Whenever we create any application pool IIS automatically registers the pool with HTTP.SYS to identify the particular during request processing.

4. Describe the permission settings are available for Virtual directory?

Below are the list of permission that can be set during virtual directory creation:
★ Read
★ Run Scripts
★ Execute
★ Write
★ Browse

5. How to create a Virtual directory on IIS?

Open IIS Configuration Manager
First of all Right Click on Default web sites > New > Virtual Directory .
Browse the Physical Path. Set the properites. Click on OK

6. How to open IIS configuration manager?

Just simply Run >inetmgr
Or we can open it from control panel > Administrative tools.

7. How to debug a web application which is hosted on IIS?

We can easily debug any web application that are hosted on IIS by using Attaching of Worker Process.
From Visual Studio IDE > Tools > Attach To Process
Select the particular Process, then start debugging.

8. How to create web garden?

For creating web graden we need to go to Application Pool, then Right Click on Application Pool > Properties > Goto Performance Tab
In Web Garden Section, increase the number of worker process. By default it is 1.

9. Explain the main layers of IIS architecture?

IIS having mainly two layer Kernel Mode and User Mode.
Below are the subsection of both of them:
1) Kernel Mode
2) User Mode
★ Web Admin Service
★ Virtual Directory
★ Application Pool

10. Define recycling of application pool?

Recycling Application pool means recycle the Worker process (w3wp.exe ) and the memory used for the web application.
There are two types of recycling related with Application pool
★ Recycling Worker Process - Predefined Settings
★ Recycling Worker Process - Based on Memory

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