1. Do you know what is web garden?

By default Each Application Pool runs with a Single Worker Process (W3Wp.exe). We can assign multiple Worker Process With a Single Application Pool. An Application Poll with multiple Worker process called Web Gardens. Each Worker Process Should have there own Thread and Own Memory space.

2. How to create an web garden?

For creating web graden we need to go to Application Pool, then Right Click on Application Pool > Properties > Goto Performance Tab

In Web Garden Section, increase the number of worker process. By default it is 1.

3. Tell me how To Save Application Pool Settings In A File?

Right click on Application Pool ->All Task ->Save Configuration to a File.
It will save the configuration file in xml format.

4. Explain me what Is IIs Application Pool?

Application Pool stated that Multiple web applications or Group of web applications.
Application pool contain one or more Web URLs used by Worker processes.For one website or many website we can assign Application Pool, to avoid the effect of other website need to create seperate Application Pool.

5. Tell me what is the Name of Default Application Pool in IIS?

Though we can create new application pool IIS with different settings, but IIS having its own default application pool named: DefaultAppPool

6. Tell us how to create a Virtual Directory on IIS?

Open IIS Configuration Manager
First of all Right Click on Default web sites > New > Virtual Directory .
Browse the Physical Path. Set the properites. Click on OK

7. Tell us can we create one Application Pool From Another Application Pool?

Yes. We can.
While creating Application Application Pool From IIS, there should have two option available first one is for Default Setting and Another is for Existing Setting as template.
We can select the second one and from the drop down listed below we can select any on the Application Pool as Template,.

8. Do you know what Are The Security Authentication In IIs?

1. Anonymous ( Default Authentication in IIS runs under IUSER_servername )
2. Integrated Windows Authentication
3. Basic Authentication
4. Digest Authentication
5. Passport Authentication

9. Do you know how To Restart Iis From Command Prompt?

Use the following command “IISRESET”.