1. List your skills that would benefit our company?

In my previous job I replaced a lead designer who fell to manage a difficult art project. I pride myself in my ability to manage, focus and motivate staff. I set the staff goals and gave them a new focus and finished the project on time.

2. Why do you want to work here as Lead Graphics Designer?

I would like to be a part of a company that is technologically driven and always looking towards the future. I would like to gain experience in an innovative business that has stayed ahead of the competition by foreseeing changes in the modern market.

3. Please tell me are you open to criticism?

Individuals respond to criticism in various ways, some listen to the criticism and attempt to improve on the work that has been done, some turn a blind ear to criticism and then are a select few who cannot accept criticism and take it very personally. While hiring a graphic designer you should make sure that you hire someone who can accept constructive criticism and learn from his or her mistakes. The candidates answer will give you an insight into his or her self awareness and levels of honesty. In any event, sometimes it is nice to have a head strong designer who is unwilling to step aside from his or her beliefs.

4. Tell us how would you deal with criticism?

I find constructive criticism a way of objectively analyzing at my work. I try to look for the positive inside any criticism.

5. Please explain about yourself?

I gained an honor Bachelor Degree from Academy of Arts in Fine and Digital Arts Studies. I have 5 years experience working in graphic arts, with the last 2 years as lead multimedia designer residing over a team of 4 colleagues. My achievements have gained me several promotions from my first position as junior graphic designer.

6. Tell me what are your professional strengths?

As a fine-art professional I see myself as having strong communication skills and the ability to communicate difficult design concepts in simple artistic terms. My training techniques in my previous job reduced the studying time for new graphic design software by 60%.

7. What do you know about this company and our tasks?

When going to the interview it is a good idea to have as much backdrop knowledge of the company as you can. Knowing precisely what they do and other details will make an impression to the employer and show them that you take initiative and you have an interest in the company.

8. Explain what has caught your eye on our job description?

One can find plenty of graphic design job openings on every single job board. We typically apply for most of them, or at least for few, to increase our chances of getting some invitations for an interview… But you should not leave this kind of an impression in an interview.

Recruiters are proud on their companies. They believe to be the market leaders, even if it is far from truth. Therefor, you need to convince them that this job interview is special for you, that it stands out from the group of other, similar positions. They should not get an impression that it is just another meeting with another employer on your long list

9. Tell me are our policies and standards in keeping with your own?

The complex process of designing graphics is a necessary part of all company campaigns and these graphics cannot be properly created without the expertise of a trained graphic designer.
It is important to ask right at this stage if this candidate's views and thought processes are in keeping with that of the company. He or she will not be able to commit himself entirely to the company if the company's views are in direct opposition to his own.

10. Where do you see yourself five years from now as Lead Graphics Designer?

I envisage myself in an art director position working in a progressive company like this one. I hope I would have earned promotion by demonstrating myself to be asset to the company and proving I am worthy of such as position.

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