1. What is sdlc?

SDLC means,
Software Development Life Cycle, also known as "System
Design Life Cycle".
Software development life cycle for any project or
application is usually build or passed through some
sequential process which are termed as software development
life cycle.

2. What us software development life cycle explain briefly?

Software development life cycle consists of four phases.
That is,
3.Implementation and

1.Analysis: Define the goals.Gathering the requirements to
develope a software for customer satisfaction.Aanalyse that
how to use and design?.

2.Design: Detailed design the requirements as a structure.

3.Implementation: Implement the detailed design with
designed code.

4.Testing: Check the whether the software will work
properly or satisfies the customer expectation.
If it is satisfies the customer needs, that software
properly produced.

This is software development life cycle.

4. Which company made Office Hindi software?

Microsoft company made office hindi software.

5. What is the difference between prototype and spiral model?

1.Spiral model is called a meta model.Spiral model is made
with the features of Prototype model and Waterfall model.
2.Spiral model takes special care about Risk Analysis.
Whreas it is not given importance in Prototype model.

6. Which is the best model in sdlc?

Incremental life cycle model.

Generates software quickly.
More flexible and less cost to chane of requirements.
Easy to test and debug during iteration.
Easy to manage the risk.

7. What happens if we didnt close cursor in a cobol/db2 program?

Cursor will be closed automatically and all held memory by
the cursor will be released as program ends.

8. What is the purpose of SDLC?

Its purpose is very clear from its name itself i.e. System
Dvelopment Life Cycle. It consists of all the phases of a
s/w development. I can say that SDLC is the backbone of any
s/w development. If we want to develop an ideal s/w we must
follow any SDLC model. Without uisng any SDLC I think we
can not imagine the development of any S/W.