2. Test cases on Feed back form page?

I think Feedback page test cases should be :-
(1) All mandatory fields should be entered.
(2) Mark feedback in the range of 1-10. or Should allow
feedack in 50 words only.
(3) Should not more than one page (width-?,height-?).

5. Is there any criteria to get a job in hcl after MCA?

Ya u can able to based on the calls and their requirements.

6. Is there anything like Post Delivery Defect Density?

This can come under the maintance / support cycle.

7. What is a Burn Down Chart in Agile(Scrum) Methodology?

The sprint burn down chart is a publicly displayed chart
showing remaining work in the sprint backlog. Updated every
day, it gives a simple view of the sprint progress. It also
provides quick visualizations for reference. There are also
other types of burndown, for example the Release Burndown
Chart that shows the amount of work left to complete the
target commitment for a Product Release (normally spanning
through multiple iterations) and the Alternative Release
Burndown Chart,which basically does the same, but allows to
show clearly scope changes into a Release Content, by
resetting the baseline.

8. Explain What is your role and responsibilities in the project?

you can tell..like
My responsibilities are to develop user interface , input forms and writing validations for those input forms.

I have involved in unit testing, review meetings...etc.

9. What is the landscape of bo?

Tell about the servers on how u worked,
dev,qa,acanceceptance & DEPLOYMENT SERVERS

10. Current Product Maintenance Interview Questions!

What are ur Roles and Responsibilities(clearly from SRS till Release Notes)?
What are the Contents in Test Plan and are you involved in the Test Plan?
waht do mean by SOA architecture and how it works?
what do you mean by a Web Services?
What is Exit Criteria and Entry Criteria in Test Plan?
What are the Contents in Release notes?
Difference between retesting and regression testing?
What is traceability matrix and how actually done wrt to ur current project?
Difference between Functional testing, Integration testing and System testing with respect to ur Current project?
What kind of meetings you do in ur Company(Like Walk through, Inspections and reviews)?
Give example for High priority bug you found in ur current project(HB Nest)?
Give example for High Severity bug you found in ur current project(HB Nest)?
what is bug life cycle explain the overall process?
Difference between 2-tier and 3-tier architecture?
Explain clearly Test Case design techniques(Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value analysis and Error Guessing)?
Template's for Test Case,Traceability Matrix, Defect tracking, Release notes and Test metrics Report?
what do you mean by Testing Life Cycle?
What do you mean by V model explain the same?
write test cases for login window, Equilateral triangle, Mobile phone and ATM machine?
Challenges you faced in testing Window and web based applications?

SQL Questions:
Explain Joins in SQL?
Querry to get the Second largest Salary of Employee?

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