1. what are all the test scenarios for login passwords?(user authentication)?

When ever the user presses tab key after entering the
password the program has to check all these scenarios---

1)The password should not appear in the URL once you press
enter after entering the password, it sometimes gets into
the URL
2) Minimum length of the password is adhered to
3)Maximum length(limit of characters) of the password is
adhered to
4)Copy/Paste function should not work for the password field
5) Password should not accept white spaces
6) Password should not accept special characters
7) With username entered but not the password, a validation
pop up should appear that "you need to enter the password)

2. Explain DLL HELL?

Dll Hell proble is windows register cann't supports the
multiple version of COM Components is called DLL Hell problem.

3. What is the basics of Agile/Scrum development?

Agile methodology is used to minimize the risk or surprise at the end of the project.
A project is divided into a small projects which has its own SDLC. In case of any failure, the impact will be very minimal i.e. impact will be only on that specific bit of the project.

Scrum is to maintain the transferancy of the progress with the stake holders and to cross check the achievements of the milestones.

5. How to estimate the cost of projects?

1. Create the WBS of the project.
2. Assign TeamMember for each Task
3. Prepare the schedule of the Project.
4. Calculate the Effort based on the schedule & Number of
Team members

For example:

Project Shedule is 2 Month with 2 Team Member( Considering
8 Hrs per day)

That Means Effort is 4 Manmonths

Assume that Per Hour cost is 20$
One day cost per resource is 8 * 20 = 160$
One day Cost for two resources are 165*2 = 320$

Number of Working days in one Month is 22 days.
Number of Working days in 2 Months are 2* 22 = 44 days.

Add 4 Hours of Project Management that means Number of
days for project Management is 22 Days.

Total Number of days = 44+22 = 66 days

The Total Poroject Cost = 66 *320$ = 21120$

( Note: I have Assumed cost per hour is 20$ for Project Management Also. This cost may be diferent
I have Considered this Project executed @ offOsore
Onsite Cost will be more.
If the project is executed in ofshore/Onsite model , cost
will be diferent))

6. How do speedup the project delivery without affecting the cost?

1. Identify whether its under scope or not ?
2. If its with in the scope, then there is a mistake on effort/cost estimation or in the planning.
3. Here the case.. we should delivery with in the budget or estimated cost.
4. Revise the plan and make it strictly.
5. When you revise the plan, you will identify the resource who is lead and lag.
6. Have meeting with the team mates and let them know the situation and increase the work time.
7. According to ur revise plan ( allocate the idle resource and lead resource ) start doing the work.
8. Make sure the daily review and work towards the revised plan which you made against your requirement ( Delivery with in the cost is the purpose).

7. What are the different inputs and outputs of the phases in SDLC?

Phase-I Feasibility Study: Input - Customer Requirement,
Budget and Timeframe / Output - Cost Benefit Analysis Report
Phase-II Requirement Analysis: Input - Customer
requirements given in different formats (BRD, FRD)/
Output - SRS
Phase-III System Analysis and Designing: Input - End User
Information / Output - ERD, DFD, Design Documents
Phase IV Development and Coding: Input - DB structures,
Coding and Programming / Output -developed modules
Phase V Integration and Testing: Input - Module
Integration, Test Plan, Test Cases / Output - Defects,
Issues, Interoperability Analysis Report
Phase VI Acceptance and Deployment: Input - Completed
Required System, User Guidance Documents / Output -
Acceptance Report, Deployment Issues

8. What is software life cycle? How much time is spent usually in each phases and why?

Software life cycle simply contains
1) Requirement gathering
Output: BRD (Business Requirement Document)
2) Requirement Analysis
Output: SRS (System Requirement Specification)
3) Design (High level and Low level)
High Level: Implementation, Technology
Low Level: Software design
4) Unit Testing & Coding
Unit Testing: Break the functionality and do the test
cases for each sub functionality
5) Testing
Unit Testing
Integration testing
UAT: User Acceptance Testing
6) Maintenance

9. What are the different phases in Software life cycle?

In easy words, The stages in a SDLC are:
1) Requirement analysis.
2) Coding
3) Testing
4) Maintainence.

10. How would you deal with changes being made a week or so before the ship date?

In this situation,following things must be think and tested

1) Impacted area should get tested
2) Should run all High priority test cases related area where changes has been made.
3) if gets time then run medium priority test cases
4) do sanity test around the impacted area.

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