3. Procedure for Court Marriage in New Delhi!

Example Below is Sikh Boy with Christian Foreigner Girl but
stands true for others also

So here it is the only correct steps to get married in
Fool Proof.

The example below is Sikh Boy marrying a Christian
Foreigner, where the things are

I am sure all your questions are answered here. If you
still think you have questions then read this again.

If any officer is asking you to get something more than
this then ask him to give you a documented list, because
there is nothing more than this list.
Don't pay any Bribe.

A lot of Information about Law and Legal Stuff is available
online. Please search online.

We will start with the process / procedure information and
later talk about what documents are required at what stage.

1. Find a Gurudwara for Anand Karaj “Sikh Marriage
a. Application Form to filled and submitted in
Gurudwara for ceremony. Granthi will give you the date as
per your convenience and availability. With new
guidelines ‘Anand Karaj' Ceremony should take place before
12 Noon.
b. You will need at least 2 witnesses.
c. If parents of either girl or boy are present for
ceremony, which means they agree to your marriage then,
this step 1 is easy.
If your parents are not present then, it is not easy to
find a Gurudwara for Anand Karaj.
Who said Life is easy?
But believe me, you will find one. You just have to keep
on looking. Don't give up.
d. You will also need to Affidavit Notary stating that
Girl is marrying you under no pressure. You should also
mention that her parents location.
e. While this is ongoing lets go to step 2.

2. Affidavits or Certificates to prove that you are
a. You need Affidavits or Certificates stating the
marital status as single.
b. Normally Affidavits are fine, but you might
certificates from your government to prove you are single.
This becomes very important for foreigners to have for
registering their marriages in their own embassy.
c. All the certificates should be translated in
English by sworn translator in the country of Origin.
d. While Step 1 and Step 2 are happening parallel,
let's go to step 3.

3. Find a Gazetted Officer who will sign all your
a. It is very important to start looking for the
gazetted Officer right away, because you need all your
documents to be signed by Gazetted Officer. Without this
you will not be able to register your marriage in court.
b. While Step 1, 2 and 3 are happening parallel, let's
go to step 4.

4. Christian Girl's Conversion to Sikh religion
a. Affidavit - You need to have affidavit stating the
girl would like to get baptized to Sikhism and change her
name to “Kaur”.
b. You can go to Gurudwara Bangla Sahib Connaught
Place on Sunday Morning. I think management of gurudwara
organize conversions ceremony 3 times a week. Please
confirm the time.
c. You will need 5 K' - Kesh, Kanga, Keschera, Kirpan,
d. The ceremony is approximately for 2 hours.
e. Post Ceremony you will get Baptized Certificate and
the new name with ‘Kaur' on it.
f. The certificate is in Punjabi, you should get it
translated in to English and/or Hindi by a Sworn/under oath

5. Change of Name - Add ‘Kaur'
a. Now that you have name change and have
added ‘Kaur', it's important to make it as an official
b. For this you will have to publish new name in both
English and Hindi Major Newspaper.
c. The cost will be anything between 600 - 1500,
depending on the newspaper you choose.
d. Brand of Newspaper does not matter.
e. This can take 3 days. Once the newspaper is out,
please buy 10 copies each of Hindi and English newspaper
for future reference.

6. Anand Karaj “Sikh Marriage Ceremony”
a. Affidavit - Girl is marrying the boy under no
b. Baptized Certificate
c. 5 K's
d. Witness with PAN Card (must) and DL/Passport/Voter-
e. Newspapers with Name Change
f. Affidavits stating that both parties are Single and
not married
g. Marriage Invitation Card: You can get 10 Printed
for like 500 INR
h. Any other Affidavit that Gurudwara Management wants

Anand Karaj Ceremony will take about 2 hours or so.
Once you are married you will be given marriage certificate
from Gurudwara.
Please note Suffix of "SINGH" and "KAUR" is a must with the
name of Bride-Groom and Bride.

Steps 1 to 6 are easy steps as compared to what you will
have to face after.

Steps 7 onwards are the Govt. office (Sarkaari Daftar) /
Official steps which make you run here and there. Don't
lose your patience.

7. “NOC” from the Concerned Embassy
a. You need NOC from the Embassy that they don't have
any exception. Please give a written request so that it can
be tracked. This is not easy you might have to literally
cry and blame Indian Government for asking such things.
b. Embassy will ask for your marital status (Refer
point 2) before issuing such certificates.
Normally Municipal / hospitals issue such marital status
c. Some Embassies / Consulate General don't issue such
certificates. In this case, ask them in writing stating
that ‘Embassy will not issue such certificates' and also
the reason.

8. Registration of Marriage in Court
This is the toughest part of your journey. 
India Govt. office (Sarkaari Daftar) will give you pain. So
be ready to visit the Registration Office at least 2 times.

a. Verify all your documents as per the list on the
registration form
b. Visit the registration office of your zone
(permanent/present address) and see how things are going on
there. Some Marriage registration offices are better than
the others.
c. You have to only visualize things, I would suggest
going in disguise and keeping low profile. The guys are
very smart there. They will know what you are there for, as
they only see new faces.
d. A lot of touts will also be there. Not sure if you
should meet them or not. Touts know all the officials,
which could worsen your case.
REMEMBER: People go to touts only if there is a problem.
e. Bribe is very common.
f. You can book the date for your marriage
registration online.
The website link is

9. Final List of Documents - Gazetted Officer Verified
By now you should have following documents
1. Affidavits or Certificates to prove that you both
are Single
2. Conversion Certificate from Gurudwara
3. Change in Name Affidavit and Newspaper
4. Anand Karaj “Sikh Marriage Ceremony” Marriage
5. Marriage Invitation Card
6. “NOC” from the Concerned Embassy
7. Marriage Photograph
8. Marriage Registration Application Form Filled with
9. Eye Witness of your Anand Karaj with PAN no

If you are unable to find any Gazetted Officer you should
then go to touts but of other zone.
They might ask you like 5K but it is possible with less
than 1K.
Do ask for the ID and the Cell Phone no.
Gazetted Officer is not required to present in the court of

10. Extreme Case Scenarios
a. Verification with No Police Case Record
b. Verification that both husband and wife are living
at the said present address
c. Calling Gazetted Officer in front of Marriage
Registration Officer

11. There is no letter sent to home for getting
approval of parents. This is now by LAW.


1. All the Affidavits from Notary should have following
• Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
• Passport No #
• Fathers Name
• Mothers Name
• Temporary Residence Address
• Permanent Residence Address
2. Affidavit cost is 50 INR only
a. Rs 10 Stamp Paper is fine

8. How did you meet your spouse?

meeting was arranged by our parents and relatives as per
our traditional way.

9. Who arranged this marriage or how did you get this proposal?

this proposal was arranged by our parents & reelavtives
as per

10. Where did you get married?