1. USA L1 Visa Behavior tips part 2:

☛ Do not lean on the slab. If the interviewer's voice is not audible, ask again to repeat the question.
☛ Speak with the speech audible to a person at two arms length distance but not too loudly.
☛ Do not try to be over smart in any of your answers.
☛ Maintain a smile on your face at the time of interview.
☛ Make sure to greet the visa officer initially and wish well at the end of the interview.
☛ Dress what you are comfortable with. Suit or tie is not required. However, you should look neat and clean.
☛ Don't look at other windows and what is going on over there.

2. USA L1 Visa Behavior tips part 1:

☛ Do not be nervous. Be confident.
☛ Feel relaxed, not tensed.
☛ Maintain the body language well.
☛ Don't be tensed and don't start talking fast.
☛ While talking to the consular officer, maintain eye contact.
☛ Make sure to speak into the microphone. Otherwise, they may not be able to hear you properly.
☛ Talk in a sufficiently audible voice and in a slow and clear manner.

3. USA L1 Visa General tips part 2:

☛ Make sure to go through all the documents in advance and understand them thoroughly.
☛ Keep some cash with you just in case you need for purposes such as another photograph, snacks, difference in the demand draft amount etc.
☛ If your company offers mock interviews, make sure to participate in them.
☛ U. S. consulates may annotate blanket L visas with the name of the actual employer on the I-129S even if that subsidiary or affiliate employer name is not in PIMS.
☛ Know the team structure at your current job and in the U.S.
☛ It does not matter whether it is a product based company or service based company.

4. USA L1 Visa General tips part 1:

☛ Arrive to the interview around 15 minutes and maximum 30 minutes in advance. There is no point in arriving too early.
☛ If there are multiple lines at the consulate, make sure you are standing in the right line.
☛ Just because others in front of you are rejected, it does not automatically mean that you will be rejected as well. As long as your case is genuine, you will get the visa.
☛ Do not panic if your L1B visa gets rejected. That only means your skill set does not belong to specialized knowledge skill set and H1B visa may be more appropriate for you.
☛ Make sure that all of your documents are in proper order.

5. USA L1 Visa interview questions part 12:

★ Are you customizing something for the client or are you using any third party tool?
★ Will you be doing custom modifications?
★ What kind of budgetary authority do you have?
★ Do you have hire and fire authority?
★ When did you last hire?
★ When did you last fire?
★ What if you get a chance to fire an employee?
★ What is the process in your company to hire and fire an associate?
★ Whose approval do you need to hire and fire associates?
★ How many people will report to you?

6. USA L1 Visa interview questions part 11:

★ Is the tool you are going to work on a client tool or your company's tool?
★ How long have you been working in XXX language?
★ How many people will be working on XXX language in your company?
★ How many people will be working on XXX product in your company?
★ Do you know XYZ technology?
★ If you use proprietary tools and now that they have been developed, why can't your client hire someone onshore and train them to work on the same tool?
★ Why can't the associates already in the U.S. on site handle the work?

7. USA L1 Visa interview questions part 10:

★ If you have not developed this product, how can you be specialized in it?
★ How did you gain expertise in these tools?
★ How long have you worked in your specialized area?
★ What phase is your current project in?
★ Have you done development work or modification?
★ Why is it necessary for you to go to the U.S. for this work? Why not someone else?
★ Why can't your company's U.S. team member do this work?

8. USA L1 Visa interview questions part 9:

★ Is that a software like Java or Oracle or something like that?
★ Did you develop this tool?
★ Was it really a development of the tool or modification?
★ Did you invent this tool?
★ How many people in your team developed this tool?
★ What was your exact contribution in developing such a tool?
★ Who was leading the project?

9. USA L1 Visa interview questions part 8:

★ Are you traveling for testing?
★ What is your specialization?
★ What is your special skill set?
★ Why do you think it is special?
★ Is that implemented on a particular domain?
★ What kind of specialized skills you have?
★ What is so special about it? There are several such tools in the market?

10. USA L1 Visa interview questions part 7:

★ What work will you do for your client?
★ Is your manager (or boss) in the U.S.?
★ Who is your primary contact? Is he related to you in any way?
★ If your manager fires you in the U.S., what will you do?
★ Will you work at the client location or parent company's office?
★ Are you going to work for multiple clients when in the U.S.?
★ How will your client benefit from your travel?

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