1. What is Wifi Hardware?

In order to install and operate a wifi system properly, you must have the correct hardware. Wifi hardware comes in a multitude of varieties and functions. The type that will best serve the needs of your town or business depends on a lot of different factors.

2. What is Wireless Antennas?

Wireless antennas are among the most important elements of any wifi or wimax project. It is the antennas that transmit the signals necessary for wireless Internet access. Without antennas, wireless access to the Internet would not be possible.

3. What is Wimax Backhaul?

If you are involved in installing a wimax system, an important consideration is whether you will need to transport your wireless traffic between two or more different locations. If you anticipate this need in your project, you will need wimax backhaul equipment. Wimax backhaul equipment allows your wireless traffic to easily be bounced from place to place according to your needs.

4. What is Wifi Broadband?

Wifi broadband is increasingly being implemented by local governments around the globe. In the United States in particular, wifi broadband has caught the interests of even tiny municipalities, and its popularity continues to rise. As a result, hundreds of municipal wifi broadband projects are ongoing on any given day.

5. What Hardware Is Required to Build a Wireless Network?

The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.