Day Care Center Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ Do caregivers have first-aid/CPR and child development training?
☛ Is each child assigned to a primary caregiver?
☛ How many children do you serve, and what are their ages?
☛ What is the range of activities in which the children participate?
☛ How large is the center? (There should be 35 square feet per child in order for each child to have enough room to play comfortably.)
☛ Is the center licensed?
☛ What happens if I need to bring my child early or pick him up late?
☛ Do you let kids attend if they're not potty-trained or if they have a runny nose or a cough?
☛ How do you discipline kids?
☛ Is there an outside play area? Do kids use it every day?
☛ Do you ever take children on outings off-site?
☛ Will I be charged if I take a vacation or my child is sick?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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