Do you know why is this the right job/position for you?

Submitted by: Muhammad
Potential employers will try to assess how well you'd fit into the job/position for which you are interviewing. Anticipate such questions as:

► Do you have a passion for this type of work?
► Do you see yourself staying in this kind of work for a long time?
► Is this opportunity a good fit for you?
► Do you feel you have what it takes to perform the role as an interpreter successfully?

You need to be convincing without going overboard. This is important to do a self analysis of yourself and the future of your career as an interpreter. If you do not have any of the above, you would be dragging yourself into a miserable life. Do not do this for money, do this because you enjoy being an interpreter and interacting with the Deaf and various of jobs.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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