Explain, when dealing with an unexpected death in the family, how can one feel confident choosing the right funeral home? We used to shopping around for the best price on the things we buy, but we sure in a tragic situation we would not feel up for that. How can we be sure we are not getting taken for a ride? Do people actually shop around for funeral services?

Submitted by: Muhammad
As we have become more of a consumer oriented society, most people seek the best value for the money we spend. Fortunately for the consumer, the funeral profession is highly regulated.

We must comply with Federal Trade Commission regulations regarding our price information. And regulatory state boards of funeral service provide a secondary measure of protection against anyone who might be tempted to be unethical. Funeral directors as a rule are good people and funeral homes are generally interested in only making a fair return on their investment.

Death often does come unexpectedly, but the best way to feel comfortable making any funeral arrangement is to do so well in advance. That way you can make important decisions with a clear head and not be influenced by grief. Otherwise, my advice would be to ask friends which providers they have used. You can ask if the funeral home you intend to use has a satisfaction guarantee and whether the staff is required to complete ongoing training and professional development.

Also you can select a funeral home by its length of service to a community and its reputation. And one final note about shopping around for the best price, Jen. And that is "You get what you pay for. Or the converse, you don't get what you don't pay for." Consider the added value of benefits like bereavement travel services, aftercare support services, and transferability of pre-arranged plans that some funeral homes provide
Submitted by: Muhammad

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