Famous Cleaning Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ What is your previous experience?
☛ Can you be flexible?
☛ When can you start?
☛ Are you ready to work next week?
☛ What times are you available to work?
☛ Can you work unsupervised?
☛ Have you done any cleaning before?
☛ What cleaning roles have you had?
☛ How much experience do you have?
☛ What you use to clean a toilet?
☛ In a bathroom or toilet what are the 3 most important cleaning duties?
☛ What cleaning products do you normally use?
☛ Do you use different products for different areas, pieces of furniture etc?
☛ What makes you a good cleaner?
☛ How much do you clean at home? What are your priorities?
☛ How well do you work with others?
☛ How would you split 20 offices between 4 staff in time or would you work together?
☛ How flexible are you if there was a need to change or increase hours?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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