How many hours would it take to clean every single window in London?

Submitted by: Muhammad
To work this out you'll need a lot longer than the time given in an interview so therefore the answer you give is more to do with how you think about the process of solving the question - rather than coming up with the answer itself.

Add to this the fact buildings are popping up all the time in London, just take the stat last year that 260 new tower blocks were currently planned for the London skyline, and it's a near-on impossible task to come up with a factually correct reply.

Instead think about how many people there are in London - eight million - and how many businesses - 3 million listed on Companies House for the whole of the UK - and you can start to think about the answer.

However, when you start factoring in the size of the window and the ability of the window cleaner, you're on sticky ground.

Replying with an answer on how you would go about finding out an approximate number will work in your favour as it shows how you deal with pressure and problem solving.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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