How to check the status of my sockets and PPP connection?

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We can check on the status of the PPP connection (active, inactive, opening or closing) using INETMGR_NetStatus().

NetState netState = NET_INVALID_STATE;
AEENetStats netStats;
netState = INETMGR_NetStatus (pINetMgr, &netStats);

We can use INETMGR_OnEvent() to monitor both the status of the PPP connection and socket connections. Refer to NetMgrEvent enum in AEENet.h for a list of all network and socket events.

// Register to receive Network and Socket events
INETMGR_OnEvent(piNet, (PFNNETMGREVENT)CheckNetStatus,
(void*)pMe, TRUE);

//Callback invoked when Network/Socket event is received
static void CheckNetStatus(void* cxt,
NetMgrEvent evt, uint32 dwData) {
SampleApp *pMe = (SampleApp*)cxt;

if(evt == NE_PPP) {
// network event. dwData = NetState enum value
// refer NetState data structure in BREW API Reference doc
if(evt == NE_SO_CLOSING || evt == NE_SO_CLOSED) {
// socket event - closing or closed.
// DwData is pointer to socket
… …

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