Operational and Situational Carpet Cleaner Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ What cleaning products do you normally use?
☛ How do you clean computer screens?
☛ How much time do you need to clean a working space of 10 offices?
☛ Have you ever used green cleaning products? If yes, how would you rate them compared to products you've traditionally used?
☛ What are the most important duties when cleaning a bathroom?
☛ Is there any specific task that you don't perform? (e.g. due to an allergy)
☛ How do you deal with emergencies? Can you mention a few examples from your past experience?
☛ Do you have experience with outdoor cleaning?
☛ How flexible are your working hours? Would you be available for early morning or late night shifts?
☛ How do you treat different materials like wood, marble or granite?
☛ Are you familiar with cleaning machinery? What devices have you previously used?
☛ If you found a personal item and you didn't know who it belonged to, what would you do?
☛ What do you do when you have to move heavy furniture to vacuum?
☛ Are you familiar with health and safety precautions?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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