Operational and Situational Day Care Assistant Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ What do you like most about working with children?
☛ What do you like least about working with children?
☛ What age groups do you prefer to work with?
☛ Describe a time you resolved an issue with an unhappy parent.
☛ What's the relationship between customer service and child care?
☛ How would you help new parents feel that you're providing the best care for their baby?
☛ Define success as a preschool teacher.
☛ How do you know if your teaching strategies are effective?
☛ How do you handle misbehavior in the classroom?
☛ What five items would you put in an empty classroom?
☛ What would you do if children were fighting and got physical? (Biting, hitting, etc)
☛ How does the day of an infant in your classroom differ from the day of a toddler in your classroom?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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