Top 21 Community Manager Job Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
1) How do you know when a community is working and thriving?

2) What makes a great question (if Q and A community)?

3) What makes a great answer (if Q and A community)?

4) What are the most important things to know about your audience?

5) How do you drive audience engagement?

6) How do you reward good behavior/manage bad behavior?

7) How do you get a community to become (mostly) self-policing?

8) Describe a situation you've resolved with a "problem child" user?

9) What sites that have communities does the candidate like/dislike?

10) What's their value thesis for your users (what do they want/how can you tell)?

11) Describe a great community member experience, all the way from first contact until revisiting the site

12) What are ways to use notifications to drive engagement?

13) What are ways to use social sharing to drive engagement?

14) What are some strategies to make community members you marketers?

15) How should reputation in a community be handled (by a score like Klout; by data for followers, following, answers, etc.; by endorsements; by topic, etc.)

16) What's a good example of an actionable feedback loop for a community?

17) What does this refer to: n(n-1)/2? Why does that matter?

18) Why do people join communities -- what are some of the biggest drivers?

19) How can the site's community be improved -- what are three quick ways to make it better?

20) Where does the candidate go to learn more about communities -- whose books and blogs have they read, etc. (see if they give you names like Godin, Verdino, C. Anderson and such). Whose advice do they trust?

21) What are the best websites they visit -- or events they attend -- to learn more about social media news, and community building in particular?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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