Top In Charge Computer Science Department Interview Questions:

Submitted by: Muhammad
☛ Describe your current line of research and explain its clinical relevance. What aspects of your research are innovative?
☛ What do you believe is a researcher's obligation for dissemination of results?
☛ What experience and success have you had in acquiring research grant support?
☛ What research equipment, personnel, and supply requirements do you have?
☛ Describe the courses you have taught by summarizing the course content and assignments required.
☛ Explain how you grade students' written work. How have you handled conflicts with students over grades and assignments?
☛ How would you handle an episode of academic misconduct?
☛ Define "integrity" and explain at least two ways that you have demonstrated this trait in your research and teaching.
☛ How have your prior jobs contributed to your professional skills and attitude?
☛ Why are you interested in a position at this university?
☛ What strengths and expertise will you contribute to our department?
☛ In what ways do you feel you can lend support to your colleagues?
☛ List three areas of weakness that you wish to improve on.
☛ How will you be a role model for our students? In your opinion, what personal and professional traits are desirable for mentoring students?
Submitted by: Muhammad

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