What Other Costs Will There Be?

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Beyond the basic service fee, funeral homes charge additional amounts for other goods and services related to the final arrangements.

The Funeral Rule is both broad and specific in requiring that funeral homes must provide a written list specifying the costs of the basic services of the funeral director, staff, and overhead, along with all of the following items that it offers:

☛ Forwarding remains to another funeral home
☛ Receiving remains from another funeral home
☛ Direct cremation
☛ Immediate burial
☛ Transferring remains to the funeral home
☛ Embalming
☛ Other preparation of the body
☛ Use of facilities and staff for viewing
☛ Use of facilities and staff for funeral ceremony
☛ Use of facilities and staff for memorial service
☛ Use of equipment and staff for graveside service
☛ Hearse
☛ Limousine
☛ The range of casket prices appearing on the establishment's casket price list
☛ The range of outer burial container prices appearing on the outer burial container price list

This list of costs that must be itemized is exhaustive, and while it may feel exhausting to review and compare them to price quotes you receive from other providers you're considering hiring, it's a wise consumer practice.
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