What guidelines should follow when making a voice call immediately after a data call?

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After the last socket is released, BREW waits for the network linger time (default linger time is 30s) to expire before terminating the PPP connection. The actual tearing down of the PPP connection takes about 3s. Therefore, (linger time + 3 seconds) must elapse between releasing the last socket and invoking ITAPI_MakeVoiceCall(). You should introduce a (linger time + 3 seconds) timer between releasing the last socket and making the voice call.

For example:


//LINGER_TIME below is in seconds

ISHELL_SetTimer(pMe->a.m_pIShell, (LINGER_TIME +3) * 1000,
Timer_CB, (void *)pMe);

In the timer callback code, you can make the voice call using ITAPI_MakeVoiceCall().
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