Where did you gain experience as Translator?

Submitted by: Muhammad
You'll always be asked about your interpreting experience. You can prepare ahead of time by asking yourself the following questions, and being prepared to provide this information to your interviewer when asked.

► Did you attend ITP or take interpreting classes to understand how it works in the interpreting world?
► Have you taken classes/workshops to expand your education and skills that will help as an interpreter?
► Have you trained in positions that are relevant to the interpreting assignments (ie. medical, legal, workshops, etc)
► Where did you work?
► What interpreting experience do you have?
► How long have you been an interpreter? Specifically, certified? State credential?
► Did you take on any additional responsibilities as an interpreter to enhance your skills?
► Did you identify problem areas and improved those areas to enhance quality service?
► What have you done that will show me that you can do this job?

Many companies are curious what your past experience or what you have done to enhance your education or learning for improvement. When someone takes the time to go to workshops/classes or accept feedback (both pro/con) graciously and improve upon it in an effort to provide better service is something that companies do look for.
Submitted by: Muhammad

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