Why do we get the value of in dnsresult.addrs when I use GetHostByName()?

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This may be due to incorrect implementation of error handling in the GetHostByName() callback function. The error handling implementation in the GetHostByName() callback of the NetSocket example is incorrect. You can use the following sample implementation:

if(pMe->dnsresult.nResult > 0 && pMe->dnsresult.nResult
// DNS lookup success
// Process dnsresult.addrs
for(i = 0; i < pMe->dnsresult.nResult; i++) {
SPRINTF(szMsg,"Addr=: %x",pMe->dnsresult.addrs[i]);
} else {
// DNS Failure - error code is dnsresult.nResult
SPRINTF(szMsg, "DNS: error %d", pMe->dnsresult.nResult);
DisplayOutput(pMe, 2, szMsg);
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