what is the difference between the Adapter Pattern and Proxy Patterns? its seems both are almost similar?

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Comparing Adapter Pattern with other Patterns:

1. Adapter converts one interface to another, Decorator doesn't alter interface but adds responsibility. Facade makes an interface simpler.
Decorator is thus more transparent to the application than an adapter is. As a consequence, Decorator supports recursive composition, which isn't possible with pure Adapters.

2. Adapters allows client to make use of libraries and subsets without changing any code. Decorators allow new behaviour to be added to the classes with out altering the existing code.

3. Adapter make things work after they're designed, Bridge makes them work before they are.

4. Bridge is designed up-front to let the abstraction and the implementation vary independently. Adapter is retrofitted to make unrelated classes work together.

5. Adapter provides a different interface to its subject. Proxy provides the same interface. Decorator provides an enhanced interface.

6. Facade defines a new interface, whereas Adapter reuses an old interface. Remember that Adapter makes two existing interfaces work together as opposed to defining an entirely new one.
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