1. What are the eZ Components?

eZ Publish's core functionality is largely based on eZ Components. eZ Components is a library of standardized modules for speeding up application development. It includes functions for compressing binary files, optimizing performance through caching, connecting to several databases, debugging, RSS, generating graphs for analysis, converting images, supporting email and validating user input.

2. Explain functional range of eZ Publish?

he eZ Publish functional range targets the quick, professional and secure realization of web applications. Functional criteria includes content versioning, media library, role-based rights management, sitemaps, search and printing.

3. What is Dual-licensing in eZ Publish?

The software is provided for free, and may be used and modified according to the GPL. In addition, paid professional support is available. Furthermore, a commercial license is also available, granting the right to use eZ Publish under license conditions different from the GPL.

4. Explain about the handling of eZ Publish?

eZ Publish is managed via a Web browser, and additional local software is not necessary. It also features a rich-text editor that allows formatting content similar to a word processor. This enables content editing and contribution without HTML skills. Content management can also be done through the eZ Publish frontend.

5. Explain the areas of eZ Publish use?

eZ Publish supports the development of customized web applications. Typical applications range from a personal homepage to a multilingual corporate website, which include role-based multi-user access, e-commerce functions and online communities.

6. What is eZ Publish?

eZ Publish is an open source enterprise content management system developed by the Norwegian company eZ Systems. eZ Publish is freely available under the GPL licence, as well as under proprietary licenses that include commercial support.