1. Can you have a live conversation in Moodle?

Live conversation (also called synchronous communication) is possible with the Moodle Chat Activity

2. Can you be anonymous in Moodle?

Generally, no. However, some areas are more private than others and certain information will be kept from other Moodle users (for example, fellow students). An exception to this is the Feedback activity which can be set to be anonymous.

3. Can Students upload documents in Moodle?

Yes. Students can upload documents in the assignment, database and the forum activity, as long as you (as tutor) have set the activities to allow for this.

4. Can students download and print Power Points, Word Documents, etc in Moodle?

Yes. However, lab set-ups and individual PC settings can create minor difficulties with this. If you have experienced a problem with this, please contact the IT Services Help Desk.

5. Can I upload multiple files to Moodle at the same time?

Uploading files in Moodle is, unfortunately, not as easy as weĆ­ would like (However, feature requests for drag and drop in future have been made). You can upload several files to Moodle at once if you use zip. Zip the files on your PC and upload the zip file to your Moodle course. In your course sites files in Moodle, you will see an "unzip" option next to the file. This can be used to transfer (for example) whole websites into Moodle.

6. Can I share my Quizzes with other courses?

Yes. Quizzes in Moodle are made from banks of questions that you create. You can then sort them into categories which can be 'published'.

By default all questions that you create will go into the "Default" category, but you can (and probably should) create new categories to organise your questions. A questionbank can be shared with other courses - this must be done by your Moodle administrator. If you wish to share questions with another moodle site, a category can be exported. There are a number of formats but the Moodle XML format is the most comprehensive. These can then be imported at the other site.

7. Can I put video into Moodle?

Yes, you can upload video files like any other file resource up to the maximum size allowed by your Moodle site. As video files can be large this probably means that they will need to be small, short and of low resolution. You are strongly recommended to encode video files in Flash Video format (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_Video). For larger video files you may wish to consider using the University's streaming media services. You are strongly advised to seek advice from the LTU (moodlehelp@learn.gla.ac.uk) if considering using video in your course.

8. Can I put plain text or formatted text into my Moodle course without having to use a resource?

It is not possible to put text into Moodle without using a resourse or activity. You can, however, use labels from the resource dropdown to add text to the front page of your Moodle. Each topic box in a course also has an area or adding header text.

9. Can I put my Power Point files into Moodle?

Yes. Note, however, that there are issues with the size of PowerPoint files. They tend to contain additional information that is not required for display only and embedded graphics are often much larger than they need to be. In extreme cases your PowerPoint may be too large to upload to Moodle. Microsoft has some advice on reducing file sizes here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint/HA011168821033.aspx

10. Can I put audio files into Moodle?

Yes, you can upload audio files into Moodle like any other file resource up to the maximum file size allowed for your Moodle site. You should ensure that the files have been recorded or re-encoded as MP3 files. Moodle contains a built-in player for MP3 files. If you need any help with this contact the LTU (moodlehelp@learn.gla.ac.uk).

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