1. Explain Standard Purchase Order?

You generally create standard purchase orders for one-time purchase of various items. You create standard purchase orders when you know the details of the goods or services you require, estimated costs, quantities, delivery schedules, and accounting distributions. If you use encumbrance accounting, the purchase order may be encumbered since the required information is known

2. Explain when payment request form required?

A Payment Request Form (PDF) is required when an invoice does not contain a valid invoice number. A valid invoice must include an Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Company Name and Address and Amount Due.

3. Explain me who is department approver and releaser?

Department Approvers and Releasers are assigned by the Finance Directors. Please contact your Finance Director if you are unsure of your Approver or Releaser.

4. Please explain what is accounts payable cycle?

Demonstrate your knowledge of this cycle – the length of time it takes the company to pay its accounts payable – and what the implications of the length of this cycle are for the company, for example cash flow.

5. Explain why registration form need to be completed by supplier?

Before a vendor can receive payment, they must register as a GW-approved supplier. This process includes completing a Supplier Registration Package (PDF), supplying the appropriate tax-identification number, and subscribing to the University's Supplier Code of Conduct.

6. Tell me what role you can play in collections?

Again focus on the skills and abilities you bring to the collections function. Demonstrate how you have used your good interpersonal skills, perseverance, ability to managing conflict, negotiation skills and communication ability for successful collections.

7. Explain me how to take time after question?

The interviewer will expect you to take some time with an unusual question. A thoughtful answer is better than a rushed one. It's OK to say something like, “That's an interesting question. Let me think about it.”

8. Tell me how to make sense of interviewer questions?

Let's say an interviewer asks you, “What animal are you most like?” If you say “a cat,” you might want to add “because I am curious and always land on my feet.” Try to highlight skills you'll need as an accounts payable clerk at that particular company when answering questions such as these. In this example, curiosity and landing on your feet represent eagerness to try new things and dependability.

9. Explain me what is the difference between SAP MEMORY and ABAP MEMORY?

SAP Memory:
Global, user-related memory that extends beyond transaction limits.
Access to the SAP memory is via SPA/GPA parameters.

10. Tell me what skills do you possess? How do you learn new procedures and techniques?

Elaborate all technical and non-technical skills that you possess and explain about your approach towards learning and adapting new procedures and techniques to enhance your productivity.

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