1. Tell me the main functions of the payroll specialist work?

In this question, the candidate will explain about the main functions like reconciling, reviewing, processing and validating the employee records.

2. Tell us what are the common mistakes happen during Payroll process?

Common mistakes happen during Payroll process,

☛ Setting up Payroll Incorrectly
☛ Paying or deducting more money to employees account
☛ Forgetting to Record Paper Checks
☛ Submitting Deposits Late or Incorrectly
☛ Ignoring to run payroll on time.

3. Tell me what are your strengths as a payroll specialist?

I believe in hard-work through attention to detail. Also, I have good numeracy skills, and computer and data entry proficient.

4. Tell me what is a Payroll System? Give an example?

A payroll system is a software which organizes all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. These tasks can include,

☛ Tracking employees working hours
☛ Calculating wages
☛ Withholding taxes and deductions
☛ Printing and delivering checks
☛ Paying employment taxes to the government

5. Please explain what is the main purpose of w2 and w4 IRS forms?

This contains the useful data regarding the withholding of tax and eligibility ratio calculations. This is needed by the employee while processing and forwarding tax information.

6. Explain what is Payroll?

Payroll is the term used for the compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period of time or on a given date.

7. Explain me the kinds of payroll reporting you are aware about?

This will include the making of various reports like deduction reports, wage type, leave or absentee reports, new hire reports, LWAP reports and many others.

8. Explain what are the methods to manage Payroll?

The methods to manage Payroll includes,

☛ Doing it yourself by hand
☛ Using employee payroll software
☛ Outsourcing payroll
☛ Assisted payroll

9. Explain me about anyone proud achievement of yours in your previous job?

The good work done by you in your previous job will be explained in this question by the interviewee. This could include the initiation of other useful forms like promotion, expenditure, incentive forms, reimbursement forms and so on.

10. Do you know what is FLSA?

FLSA stands for the Fair Labor Standards Act and it contains constitutional guidelines regarding minimal wages, overtime, absentee record keeping protocols and the like.

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