1. Explain What is the function of trace?

A. Initiate the automatic debugging procedure.
B. Discover who has downloaded your movie.
C. Send String Values to the output panel.
D. Determine what objects are presents on stage ant any one time.

2. What are the correct statements consenting text field?

A. Embedded font outlines are shared by text fields using the same font.
B. Font Outlines for static for static text field are embedded in the SWF file by default.
C. Font outline for input text field are embedded in SWF file by default.
D. Individual font outlines are embedded in to the SWF file for each text field in the FLA file.
E. Font outlines for dynamic text fields are embedded in SWF file by default.

3. Explain What happens if an .swf is loaded into a already occupied level?

A. An error is thrown.
B. The new swf is rejected and the old one stays.
C. The old swf is unloaded and the new swf is loaded.
D. They share the same level

9. What Is Interface or Benefit of Interface in term of OOP?

► Allows you to specify a set of methods that
classes are required to implement

► Classes can implement multiple interfaces,
interfaces can extend each-other

► Interfaces can be seen as contracts to be
developed against, great for frameworks

10. What Is Event Flow in term of Event Handling in Flash Action Script 3.0?

The event flow describes how an event object moves through the display list. The event flow is conceptually divided into three parts.

Capture phase: This phase comprises all of the nodes from the Stage to the parent of the target node

Target phase: This consists solely of the target node.

Bubbling phase: The bubbling phase comprises the nodes encountered on the return trip from the parent of the target node back to the Stage.

The ability to add event listeners along the event flow is useful when a user interface component comprises more than one object. For example, a button object often contains a text object that serves as the button's label. Without the ability to add a listener to the event flow, you would have to add a listener to both the button object and the text object to ensure that you receive notification about click events that occur anywhere on the button. The existence of the event flow, however, allows you to place a single event listener on the button object that handles click events that occur either on the text object or on the areas of the button object that are not obscured by the text object.

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