1. What helps you be more creative?

Being relaxed helps me alot. Also, mixing my day up with exercise and coffee breaks, and sometimes cleaning the house even helps. Since you can't force creativity, sometimes you have to change it up to allow creativity to come to you.

2. What other types of jobs have you had?

I worked at burger king, did a terrible job being a secretary, and then found a position teaching Illustrator and Photoshop.

3. When are images better than words?

For me, nearly always. I like to get a quick read on something for efficiency and then delve deeper if the topic draws me in.

4. What is your working environment like?

It's great! I work on the couch in my living room with a cozy laptop on my lap. There's a big window at the front of the room that lets a lot of light in. When it's nice outside, I work in the tiny back yard.

5. How did you get into illustration?

I started drawing animals when I was around 3 and kept going. Illustration as a career began when I made gig posters back in 2004 or so. I wasn't paid, but I loved it so much it was worth it.

6. How did you get your first illustration job?

I did free poster design for a local music venue and promoter. I developed my portfolio and my style that way.

7. Is your work more conceptual or decorative?

I think it's both, but it depends on the project. I like to improve the look of things which would be decorative, but I also like to describe an idea visually with an illustration, which would be conceptual.

8. Do you see any "trends" in your students' work?

I definitely do. Sometimes the students who don't draw in a naturalistic way might get a great portfolio that's on-trend for the naive style. Hand-drawn type is a big push in the department, and that's definitely a beautiful trend, and one that I hope sticks around.

9. How do you come up with new ideas? Do you have a process?

That's the hard part. Illustration is by definition visual storytelling. Finding the language is the job. I have a big library and dig through it. I look at Steinberg, the Euros of the last century, Glaser, everybody. I'll see an image that will trigger an idea. Never the image that inspired the new idea, but a mental jump from there. The best images open your imagination and make you think.

10. What is something new you have noticed or learned recently?

I noticed recently that I love going for long rides outside - it calms my mind like nothing else.

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