1. What is tracer bullet in Agile?

It can be defined as spike with the current architecture or the current set of best practices.

The purpose of a tracer bullet is to examine how an end-to-end process will work and examine feasibility.

2. Tell me who are all involved in the Agile team?

In agile the two main leads are

☛ Scrum Masters: It coordinates most of the inputs and outputs required for an agile program
☛ Development Managers: They hire right people and develop them with the team

3. Explain what is re-factoring?

Modification of the code without changing its functionality to improve the performance is called re-factoring.

4. Do you know what is Application Binary Interface?

Across different system platforms and environments a specification defining requirements for portability of applications in binary form is known as Application Binary Interface

5. What is the velocity in Agile?

Velocity is a metric that is calculated by addition of all efforts estimates associated with user stories completed in a iteration. It predicts how much work Agile can complete in a sprint and how much time will require to complete a project.

6. Explain the benefits of Agile Software development?

Agile methods grew out of the real-life project experiences of leading software professionals who had experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional waterfall development on project after project. The approach promoted by agile development is in direct response to the issue associated with traditional software development – both in terms of overall philosophy as well as specific processes.

7. Tell me how QA can add a value to an agile team?

QA can provide a value addition by thinking differently about the various scenarios to test a story. They can provide quick feedback to the developers whether new functionality is working fine or not.

8. Do you know what is the Agile Manifesto?

The agile software development emphasizes on four core values:
• Individual and team interactions over processes and tools
• Working software over comprehensive documentation
• Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
• Responding to change over following a plan

9. Do you know what is Scrum ban?

Scrum ban is a software development model based on Scrum and Kanban. It is specially designed for project that requires frequent maintenance, having unexpected user stories and programming errors. Using these approach, the team's workflow is guided in a way that allows minimum completion time for each user story or programming error.

10. Tell me what should a burndown chart should highlight?

The burn-down chart shows the remaining work to complete before the timebox (iteration) ends.

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