1. Tell us how detail oriented are you?

I pay extremem attention to detail. One wrong move can be a potential health risk or could mean inadequate results or patient information. I am always acting under preventative measures.

2. Explain me what are your short and long term goals?

Short range: To secure an appropriate new position where I can apply my skills and experience to increase the company's productivity and profitability.
Long range: Assume more responsibility and make greater contributions over time for my employer.

3. Tell me about the best/worst boss you've ever had?

Trap question: Never state anything negative! Say that while every boss has been different, you have worked productively with, and learned something from each one. (Be prepared to give some examples of what you have learned.)

4. Explain what's your ideal company to work for?

I seek to work for a company that delivers quality products and accurate results. I want to work for a company that prioritizes work ethic and proper treatment. I also want to work in a professional environment, minimizing the presence of lazy colleagues and corrupt systems.

5. As you know everyone has pet peeves. What are yours?

Trap question. Never state anything negative! Turn this question around by talking about your high professional standards. Your only “pet peeves” are with yourself-pushing yourself hard and not accepting mediocrity, for example-or how you are always striving to reach your full potential on the job, etc.

6. Suppose if you could relive your last 15 years, what changes would you make?

Nothing is perfect, but overall I would say that I'm quite satisfied with the way my life and career have developed-so I wouldn't make any significant changes.

7. Tell me what have you done to improve yourself during the last year?

Talk about professional development, training programs, educational curricula, study in your field, on-the-job training, skill-building, relevant books you've read, etc.

8. What weaknesses do you have for this job?

Trap question. Never state anything negative! Answer is to ponder for a while and then state that you can't think of any weaknesses that would compromise your performance at this job; or negatively impact your performance of the job's responsibilities.

9. Please explain us how do you handle stressful situations?

I try to keep a leveled head when dealing with a stressful situation. I try not to let the pressure push me into making a decision that I may regret. Slowing down and controlling the situation allows me to fully view the problem and trouble shoot with the best results.

10. Explain me how do you spend your spare time?

Say something inoffensive, apolitical, and innocuous. (reading, exercise, travel, home projects, gardening, family activities, home projects, etc.)

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