1. Explain me your passion for the work we do at this laboratory?

To perform standard laboratory procedures including clerical, blood collection, washroom, central receiving, and limited technical functions. I am responsible for proper recognition of the patients; quickly and professionally obtain specimens for laboratory analysis; interview and verify physicians's request of OPD and OPS patients, inter patients information into the computer and produce and deliver reports.

2. What makes you the best person for this job as Biology Assistant?

I feel I have learned what it means to genuinely care about others. I believe I have a great attitude, and handle many situations in which others have entered unhappy but left happy knowing someone genuinely did what they could to help them.

3. Please explain how reliable of a worker are you?

I'm very reliable. I'm always at work early and there to help before a shift. I'd even say over prepared but there is no such thing as being to prepared. You can always rely on me to be at work ready and be there for my shift before if starts. Even in past jobs I have been at I was able to get a sitter and be there in a snow storms. Cabs are pretty much always available if I'm not able to drive or get a drive.

4. What motivates you as Biology Assistant?

Focus the answer on your core values and also on the values and priorities of the company you are interviewing with (which you should have identified through your preliminary research).

5. Explain me what did you like best/least about your last job?

Trap question. Never state anything negative! Explain what you liked best. Then say that while every job has its challenges, you have been fortunate enough to learn and grow professionally in each of the positions you have held.

6. What else should we know about you?

Tell one or two more of your best accomplishment stories. You can also repeat how well-suited you think you are for the opportunity, and how interested you are in the job

7. Tell me what is your leadership style?

Talk in terms of your flexibility and adaptability-your ability to lead in whatever mode seems appropriate to the situation. Explain that it's more about what approach will work best for the project and the company at that time. Give an example or two demonstrating different leadership styles using your accomplishment stories.

8. Tell me what's a typical work week like?

The school day starts at 8:05 but I usually come in an hour early to set labs up or clean from the previous day. I can also enjoy a coffee and check science news to share before the halls are flooded by chatty teenagers. We have 9-40 minute periods. I teach 5 periods in addition to a study hall, free period, lunch, and lunch duty. Every other day a class has a double period lab block. The day ends at 2:45. We have alternating “A” and “B” days which allow for changes in the schedule. Occasionally we have an assembly or special event that breaks up a typical week.

9. Please explain what is most challenging about what you do?

I could write a lot about this. I teach in a high-needs, rural school that presents obvious challenges of students that lack supplies and parents that don't value education but the most frustrating thing to me is teaching in a broken system that hasn't evolved with the rest of the professions. Its challenging to get colleagues on board with tech literacy and it's hard to implement initiatives if administrators aren't supportive or too bogged down with discipline. I go to a few conferences each year and find them inspiring and rejuvenating but then I have to return to the broken system with 0% chance of changing things so I end up doing the changes in my own classroom instead.

10. How did you get started?

I've always liked science, nature, and teaching. I knew I wanted to be a science teacher since I was in high school. My undergrad was strictly environmental/forest biology and I went right to grad school for my teacher prep work. In New York State all teachers need a Masters degree anyway.

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11. Tell me did you ever make suggestions to senior management? What happened?

Say “yes.” Tell some accomplishment stories and results in which you positively influenced senior management.

12. Tell me what do you see as your future here?

I would expect to be contributing at higher levels and have increased responsibility over time.

13. Tell us about your education/training?

I have my undergrad in Chemistry, Emphasis: Biochemistry. During my time in school I had opportunities to work in a laboratory environment. I have learned how to use Microsoft Excel. I also have learned many teamwork skills during my work experience at a group home for disabled individuals.

14. Explain how you organize and maintain detailed, and accurate records in your previous work, or throughout your studies?

Before I start my work I always check or studying the task that is given to me, in that case I easily do my work organized, very good, synchronized, clean and very well.

15. Please explain what can you do for us that other candidates can't?

I consider myself to be someone who not only has the skills to perform the job, but most importantly be a team player and be one who possesses integrity.

16. Tell me what do you like most about being a Lab Assistant?

It allows to have continued experience in what goes on in todays medical field. Things are always changing and being up to date is very important. You have to be flexible and willing to learn new things. Though some things may seem routine, there is always innovative research being done.

17. Tell us what education, schooling, or skills are needed to do this?

This varies by state, drastically. In NY state you need a masters degree within 5 years of teaching and a bachelor's degree to start. There are also all sorts of other requirements like teacher certification exams, child abuse workshops, fingerprinting, 1 year of a foreign language, student observations/teaching, and misc. program requirements at each university. Getting certified in NYS is actually a tedious process. In general, you need to be knowledgeable, patient, flexible, reliable, and have a good personality to be a good teacher.

18. Explain me are you geographically mobile? (or) Are you willing to put in a lot of extra time?

Ask for clarification-what exactly does the interviewer mean? Then, according to their answer, either say, “that would be no problem at all,” or tell them “you'd like to give it some thought and get back to them within 24 hours.”

19. Tell me what are your career goals in the lab? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Lab should be in proper condition well equipped and no issues related hardware and software to reach at all level of upcoming things.

20. Explain us how long would you expect to work for us if hired?

I believe irl is a great company to work for with many great opportunities for my ultimate position. I can see myself working here until retirement.

21. Tell me about your health?

My health is excellent.

22. If you could have any job, which one would you want at this company?

to do with the most general description of the job-Not a specific title.

23. What lab experience do you have?

I may not have worked in the actual lab itself. But I've helped people who had a chest tube, heart surgery, as well as my boyfriend. I helped all of them change bandages, dressings, and applied ointment. I've taken in a stool sample, semen analysis and urine samples. So I have worked with a lot of different specimens that it wouldn't be a bother to me.

24. Tell me as a laboratory assistant will do multiple tasks throughout the day.. Which of these do you enjoy the best? Least?

I enjoys :- dealing with the patients Performing various test in laboratory Preparation of test like staining, culturing Doing microscopy I don't like to perform phelobotomy in child's because it is very hard when he cries and jerk his hand while inserting needle.

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25. Why do you want to work here? How can you help our company? Why should we be interested in you?

always based on information you've researched in advance about the company and their needs.