1. Explain me what Is the Adapter Framework?

☛ he BizTalk Adapter Framework offers a stable, open mechanism for all adapters to implement or access work from the BizTalk Server Messaging Engine.
☛ The interfaces described in the Microsoft.BizTalk.Adapter.Framework namespace enable adapters to provide a means to modify configuration property pages.
☛ It also is a means to import services and schemas into the BizTalk project.

2. Tell us what effect does creating a new Host have on the Database?

When the new host is created it results in a new entry in the Host table in the Management database and also a new Host queue in the MessageBox.

3. Tell us what Is Distinguished Field In Biztalk Server?

A pipe line is used to write Distinguished Fields in the message context when a message is received on a port. Dis-assembler pipeline component such as XML and flat file disassemble does the job of writing the message context by the pipeline. In addition to it, custom pipeline component could also be performing it.

4. Explain me which SQL Agent job runs continuously?

MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb is the job which runs continuously in spite of scheduled to run once per minute.

5. Tell us what is the purpose of MessageBox?

☛ Store all messages and context received.
☛ Stores all subscriptions.
☛ Stores all Host Queues.

6. Do you know how To Transfer Files Without Using Orchestration?

☛ By using content based routing, files can be transferred.
☛ By creating receive port and send port. If send port is configuring, provide the condition as BTS.
☛ Receiveportname= <receive_portname created>

7. Please explain the Persistence Points?

Following is the list of events (Persistence Points) that call the persistence operation:

☛ Orchestration Instance is suspended or finished
☛ System shutdowns in a controlled manner
☛ Engine determines it wants to dehydrate
☛ Atomic or long running transactional scope ends
☛ At debugging breakpoints
☛ Execution of other orchestrations through the Start Orchestration shape
☛ At the Send shape (but not atomic)

8. Explain me what is Message routing and Content routing?

When A message is passed through biztalk without being processed then it is called Message Routing. When A message is passed based on certain field value of schema, it is called content routing.

9. Tell us what Is Message Type (i.e. Bts.messagetype) In Biztalk Server?

Messages in BizTalk are data, and each message must be of a selected message type. E-mail, Documents, Info-path forms, large binary files, SQL records, flat files, and anything XML can be processed as messages. BizTalk is all about messages and message-oriented programming. The most common message type in Biz-talk is a schema.

10. Do you know what Is Trading Partner Management In Biztalk?

Information workers Manage trading partner relationships within organizations. Business Activity Services include a Trading Partner Management (TPM) component to allow them do those. TPM database stores information about trading relationships. Information workers can create and modify agreements with trading partners who use BizTalk Server.

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