1. Explain me what is BAM in BizTalk Server?

Business data and process milestones are captured by Business Activity Monitoring system which is a module in Biz Talk. Business decision makers are allowed by BAM for gaining insight for their in-flight process.

2. Do you know what is BizTalk business process configuration?

We can set parameters for an orchestration that implements a business process, which professional analysts might not be able to create, as they are used to practice with traditional methods. Parameters for creating an orchestration can be defined to enable developers to configure it. An information worker sets the parameters using TPM services by specifying their values in the agreement.

3. Do you know what BizTalk enables for organizations?

BizTalk enables large scale organizations to integrate and operate business procedure by exchanging business documents between applications across the organizational boundaries.

4. Tell us can we alter the namespace in the MSH schema?

We can, but do not alter because the HL7 parser only looks for single MSH, the standard one that the HL7 accelerator provides.

5. What is BizTalk Server Convoy and correlation sets?

BizTalk server detects the potential for specific race conditions, which ensures that all correlated messages are received by the same orchestration instance. The potentiality of these race conditions is sensed by BizTalk server. These messages are treated as a convoy. All such messages which match with the general subscription are evaluated against the convoy set and the matched convoys are routed through an existing port.

6. Tell me what is message type in BizTalk server?

BizTalk sets a message context property called BTS Message Type. This is a concentration of the document name space and Rot Node Name in other words Message Type is a BizTalk system property that is promoted inside a Pipleine. It is made up of Documents Name Space and Root Node Name

7. Tell us when does DASM generate acknowledgements?

If configured for Acknowledgement or if MSH.15 and MSH16 request them, the DASM generates one or more acknowledgements.

8. Do you know what is BizTalk server 2000?

BizTalk server 2000 is based on the BizTalk framework. It provides the infrastructure and tools to enables B2B e-commerce integration.

9. Please explain what is promoted property in BizTalk Server?

The promotional of prompted fields properties is done in the message context by a pipeline called receive pipeline at the time when a message is received on a port. This task is performed by dis-assembler pipeline component (XML or a flat file dis-assembler) In addition to it; custom pipeline component could also be performing it.

10. Please explain what is direct Binding in Biz Talk Server?

Direct Binding is the process through which messages are sent from one orchestration to another. It is also utilized for sending messages into the message box. It is indispensable in the Microsoft's publish and subscribe system in BizTalk for sending messages amongst orchestration.

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