1. Do you know in how many ways can we do the BizTalk Application deployment?

BizTalk Application deployment can be done using the following:
☛ Deploying from Visual Studio
☛ Building a Microsoft Installer (MSI) package that can be exported or imported between environments.
☛ Using command line-based tools such as MSBuild and BtsTask.
☛ Using community frameworks, such as BizTalk Deployment Framework and NANT.

2. Explain ordered delivery on send port has serious performance impact, why?

Because only one thread can submit messages through the port and each message has to wait for messages through the port and each message has to wait for the message before it can be processed.

3. Tell us in which state can a send port does not subscribe to a message?

In Unlisted state send port does not subscribe to any messages and no messages will be sent through the port.

4. Tell me when do Error Report properties get promoted?

When Failed message routing is enabled and if an error occurs at the port, then the message will have all the regular context properties unprompted and instead have some error-specific context properties promoted - all in the ErrorReport Namespace e.g. ErrorReport.ErrorType, ErrorReport.ReceivePortName etc.

5. Explain me what is the purpose of MessageBox?

☛ Store all messages and context received.
☛ Stores all subscriptions.
☛ Stores all Host Queues.

6. Explain me what happens when we run MSI package?

When we run MSI packages, it will register the application with Windows Operating System and then load any related assemblies in the Global Assembly Cache.

7. Do you know when don't filters on send port apply?

If a send port is directly bound to an orchestration port,then filters do not apply.

8. Tell me is it possible to have various ports with the same name in two applications?

No. The names of the various ports must be unique, not just inside an Application but for the whole BizTalk group.

9. Tell me how can we check what's going on inside BizTalk Server?

The group hub gives the user an overview of what is currently going on inside BizTalk.

10. Explain what happens to message when all subscribers have received their message?

BizTalk will no longer need to hold on the message and the message will be removed from BizTalk.

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