1. Tell me about a difficult project and how did you manage to overcome it?

Give an example about the toughest project of yours and tell all the positive things about it and explain how that helped you to overcome the difficulties.

2. Tell us what was your greatest accomplishment as a Power Plant Operator?

It gave me a chance to use my knowledge from the level of education purpose into implementing for a practical use.

3. Do you know how to handle the work pressure?

Say them that you think positive under stress which fills some energy in you and that's how you face problems.

4. Explain why are you the best power plant operator for us?

Say them about your skills and the experience you have in this field. Say them that your resourceful knowledge can prove as an asset for the company.

5. Explain during a manual start, when are fuel and ignition introduced?

As soon as the fuel control switch is positioned to RUN. FCOM 1 70.20.7

6. Tell me why did you decide the career as a power plant operator?

Being a mechanical engineer I always wanted to work in an environment that provided me with some big opportunities. The career of a power plant operator needs skills as well as experience which I feel I have in me and hence I decided to take a career as a power plant operator.

7. Do you know in flight, how many attempts will the autostart perform?

The autostart will make continuous start attemps until the engine either starts or the pilot aborts the start attempt. FCOM 1 70.20.7

8. Tell me who is a power plant operator?

A power plant operator is a person who operates a power plant. He has got to be good at the technical skills of using the power plant and must be equally talented in distributing the work to the other workers who are working with the power plant.

9. Tell me when is the auto-relight function activated?

Whenever an engine is at or below idle with the fuel control switch in RUN. FCOM 1 70.20.8

10. Tell me what can you do to drive the blades of the turbine faster and preventing the damage of the blades?

Steam should be heated to the temperature it is before making it to enter the turbine because superheated steam produces a lot of energy and also prevents the blades from rusting or damaging.

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