1. What are your career goals as Buying / Procurement Officer?

I want to always be pushing forward, I don't want to hit a point where I feel I've learned all I can in this field. I'm striving to continually improve both myself and my output at work.

2. Explain me example of how you've won over a difficult stakeholder?

This illustrates how a candidate will go about building relationships and how he approaches dealing with resistance. “ A good answer should include signs of empathy.”

3. Explain me is it important to track the inventory turns?

Inventories represent a sizable investment for businesses. The higher the inventory turns, the lower the inventory carrying costs.

4. Explain me why are you the best purchasing manager for us?

I think I have a good experience and need to learn a lot of things quickly and I have ability to work under stress and I have a talent to filling the orders form and send the order and follow it till delivery to warehouse and make po's at mr's system and pricing the items and calculate the margin.

5. Tell me how to turns inventory calculated?

A method used to calculate inventory turns is to divide the average inventory level into the annual cost of goods.

6. Tell me how will you go about determining this company's purchasing patterns?

Its good as long as every material received on time with good quality and competitive prices.

7. Explain life cycle costing?

Life cycle costing is the total cost of purchasing, operating, maintaining, supporting and disposing of a product.

8. Why did you choose to apply at our company as Buying / Procurement Officer?

I hope to improve my skills and I want to be part of it.

9. What do you enjoy about this industry as Buying / Procurement Officer?

Very friendly and professional working envoirnment.

10. Explain me what makes a great Purchasing Manager?

I have a strong negotiating skills and convincing ability to get the agreement with suppliers.

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