1. Explain me why do you feel you are a good fit for our company?

I have the determination. On getting my feet to this door of oportunity and I am willing enough to give all my focus and attention to prove that the company gain an asset.

2. Tell me about a time when you solved a difficult problem?

Scenario based questions are particularly common in typical interview questions and answers structures for audit roles as they provide practical proof of certain core competencies. In your example, interviewers will be looking for demonstrations of teamwork, leadership and versatility, problem-solving and quick thinking.

3. Tell me why do our clients keep coming back to us?

Interviewers want to see that you understand how the firm is successfully servicing its clients.

In your answer you should touch on what the firm does differently to its competitors, the strong relationship-building skills held by people at the firm, and the services it offers clients in addition to audit.

4. Explain me in your opinion, what qualities make a great leader?

Effective Delegation.Identifying potential in the candidates.. Most importantly bringing the best out of the person and deliver effective results.

5. Tell us how do you detect errors in financial documents?

Errors can be detected in a financial document by comparing them to the originals and looking at the specific information in each of the columns. If the numbers do not match up, there is likely some sort of issue. The common issues in financial documents revolve around errors of principle, omission and commission.

6. Tell us what achievement are you most proud of?

Most interview guides will recommend having at least one example to hand so you are not seen to be struggling to think of something. The answer should be told like a story, in an engaging way, and demonstrate that you are the right person for the job due to a mixture of the right competencies and attitudes.

7. Explain me what would you change about an auditors role, if you could?

I would make the reports and avoid providing specific recommendations and leave management through their own brain storming process to identify the next course of action to address the anomaly pointed out.

8. Why do you enjoy auditing?

For it let me gain different experiences that help me improve my skills personally and professional at the same time learning new things.

9. Tell me how do you see your career progressing after 3-4 years in Internal Audit?

This question according to Edwards is again about striking the right balance. He says, “If a ‘rotation scheme' is in place, candidates should show clear ambition, whilst demonstrating an open-mindedness to different career directions.” He further explains, “If you typecast yourself into one narrow career path, there's a chance you're talking yourself out of the job if the company is any less than 100% sure they can deliver on your ambitions.”

10. Tell me how you should conduct an internal audit?

To conduct an internal audit you should

☛ Decide what you want to achieve
☛ Identify risks and review objectives
☛ Plan and audit activities
☛ Validate the facts and complete the work
☛ Develop a deliverable or report that will drive action
☛ Follow up

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